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please excuse the title. i’m corny and it’s late.

leo shrug

It amazes me how some weeks I am a fountain of things to say, ideas, pieces of wisdom and general hilarity. Other weeks I’m.. meh. I still don’t have much to say, but I’ve been poking around the internet and wanted to share some things that I’ve found.

The only dairy I take in my coffee is cream, thanks. Also, in New York, the last one they showed is┬ácalled a Manhattan Special and it’s definitely an.. acquired taste.

If marrying Harry Styles is not in my future, please let my husband be a native Bostonian. I could only imagine our children’s accents.
*the whole video is basically the f bomb and a few other words with extra ahhs. #fairwarning*

Even the best weddings have their sucky moments. There’s no reason to be a bitch about it. Nobody likes a Jealous Jenny.

I’ve been to Bermuda and they don’t play when it comes to making sure their stuff stays where it belongs.
like the time some guy on his honeymoon decided to shove some fire coral down his pants and as it was burning his “anemone”, they arrested him because the coral is protected under law. #insulttoinjury.

Hopefully I’ll have more things to talk about later in the week. Until then, what’s up with you?

Let’s discuss!


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