fingers crossed!


Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I entered a few of my photos in to a photography contest (where I just realized almost nothing I wrote about the contest was correct. Was I even paying attention?)? Well, a few days ago I got this letter in the mail.

It’s hard to read so I’ll just tell you. It turns out that on of my photos made it to the Finalist round of judging!

I had to read the letter at least five times to even comprehend what it said. Even now, I still think I read it wrong. According to the letter, there was over 10,000 entries and they picked about 16% of them to be finalists.

giphy (1)

As of right now the only guarantee is that my photo will be published in the Photograph Forum 2015 Best of Photography book, which of course I ordered and will be arriving sometime in December. merry christmas, martina.

The winners will be chosen and notified on or around August 10th, which I can’t believe is a week away already. They will chose a 1st-4th place winner as well as 100 honorable mentions. The winners recieve all sorts of cash and prizes; the honorable mentions will have their name published in the November issue of Photography Forum magazine.

I’ll share the photo with you when I find out that if I’m a winner. Deal? Good.

Hopefully August 10th comes fast because my old Field Day Participation ribbon nightmares are starting to creep back in.

Fingers crossed!


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