isn’t this what facebook is for?

Well, the time has finally come. I’ve known about this for a while now and it’s finally coming to be.



I mean, I am fully aware that it’s been 10 years since I’ve walked those hallowed halls. I graduated on June 23, 2005. The same day I got a Razr cellphone, so clearly it was a day worth remembering. The reunion is in it’s planning stages but already I’ve been invited to join the Class of 2005 group on Facebook and I’ve also taken a survey about what kind of venue I’d be interested in and how much I’d be willing to spend. And in case you we’re wondering, “just enough to get me drunk enough to get through the night” was not an option.


Believe it or not, I’m on the fence about going. And by on the fence I mean I’m fully on the no side but I’m leaning against the fence to see who’s on the other side. If enough people I like and can have a good time with are going to be there, I’ll cough up my $120-$140 for a ticket, step into my dancing shoes and go. If not, it’s the usual Netflix and sweats for me.

I just wish there were something that could connect people who went to high school (or college, or work) together, where they can (over) share their whole lives. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, break- ups, make -ups, recipes, political opinions, lunches, general complaints, new jobs, graduations, cute animals, petty drama, anything and everything. It should be called something catchy like FaceSpace. No… Facebook! Yea, it would be called Facebook and… oh wait. I mean, really. I know people put on Facebook and Instagram what they want to but everything they post can’t be a lie or an exaggeration. I liked the people I hung out with in high school. That’s why they’re my friends on Facebook, so I could see how/what they’re doing. Do I always like or comment? Nope. But they don’t always like or comment on my stuff either and that’s ok.

My other and more personal reason for not wanting to go is that I feel if you took 28 year old me and put her back in that school/environment, there would be very little difference. Except that 18 year old me would want to beat the shit out of 28 year old me. She would be so disappointed in her. (I wrote about that here, if you’re interested.) I’m working the same part time job, listen to the same type of music, hang out with the same people (actually, I had more friends back then), live in the same house, have the same cellphone number. I’m single with no kids. The only thing I’ve done is graduate from college and even that’s not enough because I’ve seen a lot of Master’s graduations through that Facebook thing. I haven’t been to Europe or even the West Coast. I want to go places and do fun things but I haven’t and it sucks. It sucks more with a reunion looming over my head. for the record and in hindsight, i liked high school so i’m not afraid of seeing certain people or anything like that.

Most of the guys I liked back then are now engaged or married so I don’t even have that to look forward to. I guess I’ll just pray that wherever this event is (because let’s face it, even with all of this complaining, I’ll wind up going), there’s an open bar and a kind Uber driver to take me home.

Graduation 2005: so full of hope and free of makeup

Maybe I should just Romy and Michelle this situation and OWN. IT. except i didn’t invent post-its.

romy and michelle

Would/did you go to your reunion? Am I wrong for feeling this way?

Let’s discuss!


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