Well, I said I’d be back

Well, I said I’d be back.

I’m sure you’ve seen this gem floating around the internet lately.


Since I’ve been out of the blogging game recently, I don’t have too much to say except…


Of all people this ends up in Oprah’s magazine? The same Oprah whose weight has been up and down more than the elevator at the Empire State Building? The same Oprah who rolled her lost fat out on stage in a Radio Flyer wagon?

Something tells me there’s going to be an opening in the Advice department at the magazine pretty soon. I’m sure Oprah doesn’t proof her whole magazine every month. She’s not Miranda Priestly, for God sakes. But, I would like to think she cares enough about it since it’s her name and face on the cover every month. did you ever notice that? she’s the only person who graces that cover?

I’m not one to wear a crop top, but if I wanted to, I would. And my stomach is far from flat. so there.

I mean, am I the only one who thinks this is funny?

Let’s discuss!


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