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Things that annoy me (probably a bit too much): Work Edition

do me a favor: pretend this went up on thursday, when it was supposed to. that way i don’t have to change anything and the timeline will make sense. just go with it.

As I’ve said here, repeatedly, I am generally a happy person. Except when someone does something to annoy me. Yesterday was full of those moments.

I made a small rule when I started this blog to limit talking about my job/boss/co-workers on here, for the obvious reasons like having it be seen by the wrong eyes. Also, it’s hard for me to vaguely talk about people. Especially when my audience has no idea who I’m talking about. Anyway, the show must go on and at the end of the day, it’s my internet space and I’ll do what I want. And, of course, sometimes rules are just meant to be broken bent. Just ask the New England Patriots.

Here are some things things that have happened in the last 48-ish hours that have turned me in to Peter Griffin.


Things that annoy me (probably a bit too much)
Work Edition

  • Sometimes big projects just cannot be finished in one shift. I get it. Especially when a hundred different things are going on at the same time. And, really, I don’t mind finishing a task that was originally given to someone else, but when it’s obvious that this task was blatantly not started and then left for me to do, um no. Yesterday was graduation for the medical school that I work for so I was ready for a relaxing day of making popcorn and watching Hulu. Not spending most of the day taking lanyards off old USB drives and putting them on new ones. my parent’s return on investment in my college education is high, obvs.
  • Working somewhere for a long time usually means that you have a handle on the policies and procedures of the workplace. I’ve been there a long time and can recite the rules of the game in my sleep. I got an email the other night explaining a “new” policy. EXCEPT: it wasn’t a new policy. And the only person who hasn’t been following it is the person who sent the email. Ain’t that a kick?!
  • Yesterday, when I walked into my building, it was hotter than David Beckham holding a baby.
amirite? even her highness, anna wintour agrees.

So, being the excellent manager that I am, I called over to the people who fix those types of problems. That was at 6:30am. At 9:30 someone finally came over. That’s when we found out that the air conditioning unit is broken. Fantastic. It has happened almost every year for the past 5 (?) years. The worst part is that my boss doesn’t close the building when it’s hot and the unit isn’t working. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to keep us there when the temperature inside is higher that the one outside, but my boss was never concerned with legalities. Or being a fair person. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it gets fixed before our big orientation in August. pray for me. 

  • Like I said before, graduation was yesterday and for the people who work the ceremony, it’s a long day. But, like I said, my boss is not the best at being nice and reasonable, so we all assumed that she would make the staff come in at their normal time. In her true fashion, she flipped the script and told everyone to be in for 10am. Great! The Grinch’s heart must be growing! Except, my boss’s moment of charity came at 9:30pm and the girl who usually opens the building now has to find coverage. Her shift starts at 6:45am.  Guess who got a phone call at 9:30 asking if they could cover the shift.


You mean to tell me that no one knew at, like, 5pm that this may happen? I know my boss is notorious for stuff like this and she changes her mind like I change my underwear but UGH.

There really aren’t enough side eye emojis to convey my disgust. It’s not that I mind covering. As a matter of fact, I would have been more upset if the girl said that she would open anyway because I know working graduation is a bitch. It’s just that I was out when I got the phone call. It was Nicole’s birthday so we went for some cupcakes. How am I supposed to wind myself down enough to go (almost immediately) to sleep on a frosting high?

I understand that things come up and schedules change but right now I’m in a position where I’ve turned into a ping pong ball, bouncing around from shift to shift. I just want a job that comes with a set (for the most part) schedule. And dental. I need it for my sanity. Not the dental, I need that for my teeth.


The weekend can’t come soon enough!

What makes your inner side eye emoji come out? Is it me, or does being at work sometimes bring out the worst in people?

Let’s discuss!


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