i love a happy ending

I hadn’t planned on two posts today but sometimes, you just get lucky. spoiler alert: there may also be one tomorrow!

I was scrolling through Facebook and I was one of those videos that everyone shares. You know, the ones with the titles like “Dog bites owner. You’ll cry when you find out why!” Anyway, I was about to pass it because I tend to ignore them. We all do, let’s be real. But whoever posted it said that the video was made in my local mall.

Now I’m intrigued.

I live in a nice neighborhood but the mall has been a bone of contention since it went up back in the 70’s. Recently, there have been mobs and riots there because apparently there’s nothing else to do in a mall but cause chaos. Like people aren’t trying to shop. My point is that sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this video ended in a serious confrontation. i’m really selling my surroundings, aren’t i?

By the end of the video I had tears prickling my eyes. It wasn’t an overly emotional moment by any means but it helped to restore some of my faith in humanity, which is always a good thing.

Did you think that was going to end as well as it did?

Let’s discuss!