it’s friday. here are some things.

I swear, sometimes I think I should just hang up my blogging hat and walk away while I still have some of my sanity. I was off from work today so I decided that I was going to take a couple of hours and work on my post for tomorrow. That way I could do my nails tonight, which is something I haven’t done in like a week. and it’s driving me nuts.

Of course, that didn’t work out as planned. I was about 80% done when I CLOSED MY BROWSER.


So here we are, back at square one. I’ve never been one for sports but there’s a saying about hopping back on the horse and leading it to drink. Yes? No? Whatever.

I was in Sephora with my mom the other day because I had a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket. Except I forgot that I had used most of it already so I really had about $2.40 sized hole. I was hoping to find the Anime OCC lip tar, which I did and I love it, but that’s for later. Then I wandered over to the fragrances. I’ve been looking for a signature scent for a while now. I’m not picky but I definitely know what I like. Is it me or do most perfumes nowadays smell the same? Anyway, I was sniffing around and found Warm Cotton by Clean. WELL. I fell in love. It smells like fresh laundry but also perfume. It’s not overly fabric softener but that part of the scent is definitely unmistakable. I don’t even like fresh scents that much but this one, WOOF.


Now, about that lip tar. Anime is a HOT pink. It’s perfect for summer. I can’t wait to have a tan, throw on a crisp, white tee shirt and some denim shorts, swipe on some mascara and this lip tar and be ready to go. ahh, summer.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a commercial that’s made me laugh. Or at least smile and blow extra air through my nose. The other night I saw this one and fell in love. It’s a six part series so be sure to check out the rest!

This is my favorite one. Terry, Mary, and Josie are my spirit animals. Especially Mary. My favorite line from this video is from Mary when she says “That’s my biggest nightmare, dying on an empty stomach”. i feel ya, mary.

Speaking of television, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, FOX CANCELLED THE MINDY PROJECT. 

mindy dare

I was crushed this morning when I found out. But I knew Mindy would want me to summon my inner warrior and figure out a way to move on.

beyonce pad thai

I signed on to Tumblr to find out what was going on. I may be too old for that site but those 12 year olds know their stuff. It’s like a sweatshop for TV spoilers, gifs, memes and One Direction. Anyway, that’s when I saw the silver lining to this situation. HULU MIGHT PICK UP THE MINDY PROJECT. For at least two seasons.

There is a God.


I’m excited because this means a lot of things. One, more Mindy. And Danny, Morgan, Jeremy, Tamra, and Bev. Two, more freedom. Hulu is like cable. We may be able to see Danny in his Diamond Dan thong. fingers crossed. Three, Mindy and Danny as parents. Four, a resolution to the Danny schelpping to India to meet Mindy’s parents cliffhanger. I mean, do I have to go on?

It seems like there won’t be a definitive answer until next month. So, now we wait.

What are your favorite perfumes/scents? Mindy on Hulu – yay or nay?

What else is going on?

Let’s discuss!


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