i should get paid for this

Since it’s Thursday and there’s another heart-wrenching Grey’s Anatomy on the horizon, it made me think of how this is all going to end.

I posted somewhere (or maybe I didn’t. it all starts to run together after a while) that Shonda wouldn’t be happy unless the hospital explodes, killing everyone. because who cares about the characters we’ve invested 10+ years in?

Then I had a revelation.

You know how Meredith (or someone) narrates in the beginning? Maybe it’s because they’re all already dead and she’s telling us her story FROM HEAVEN.


That way, she’s not technically losing everyone she knows and loves and won’t necessarily become (understandably) bitter and miserable,  she’s saying “yea, thus happened but it’s OK because we’re all together again.”

giphy (3)

Did I just cross the religion line? I mean, I’m not a professional. There’s a team that could iron this all out. If anyone from ABC wants to get in touch with me about this, I’ll be right here.

What do you think? Am I nuts?

Let’s discuss!


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