i want to be BFFs with anna kendrick (but not shonda rhimes).

This video popped up in my YouTube subscription box yesterday. Be grateful that it did because otherwise you’d be suffering through reading about my feelings on the fuckery that went on last Thursday (get help, Shonda), the Bruce Jenner interview (i am amazed and so happy for the support he’s been getting from not only his family, but from all over. AS HE SHOULD). Also, Tom Hardy is on the cover of Details magazine this month. But, you’ve been spared, for now.

All I can say is 1) Anna Kendrick, please be my best friend and 2) for the love of God- HIRE ME, KATE SPADE. please?

Totes adorbs.

You know what, I’m going to include all of the things that I said you wouldn’t have to hear about. I mean, you’re already here so might as well.


After the interview, I signed on to Facebook waiting to see mean memes, gifs and status updates about Bruce and his story. But I didn’t see anything of the sort. It was all positive and supportive. (well, i did see a meme that was just uncalled for. but i ignored it so it doesn’t count, right?) I can’t wait to see what this year brings. As Bruce said, “I want to see how this story ends”

Shonda, there was a million different roads you could have taken and yet, you still managed to take the wrong one. This was the perfect opportunity to give Derek his Dr. Ross moment. (does anyone remember who Dr. Ross is? The Derek Shepard of the 90’s, or George Clooney’s character from ER.) Dr. Ross didn’t have a cellphone. There were no other cars on the road to help Dr. Ross. Yet, Dr. Ross managed to save the lives of two children and keep himself alive. In a monsoon, that lead to a flood. Sure, Carol was pissed he missed their anniversary dinner but at least he was around for the next one.

doug and carol
happy endings are allowed, Shonda

Here. Try not to drool.

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Ugh. Look at that face! #hottiehardy #cometomama 😋

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You’re welcome.

Also, sorry for the not so great posts lately. My life has been unbelievably, painfully boring lately with nothing on the horizon =/. Anyway, that shouldn’t be an excuse and I’m going to work on it. I really want to get myself on some sort of schedule. We’ll see how that goes.

So, what are your thoughts?

Let’s discuss!


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