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For the record, I did not want to write this post. I’m sick of talking about what I’m going to be talking about. I also feel that because I’m annoyed and it’s my blog I have the right to get a little ranty.

I went clothes shopping recently (yep, it’s one of those rants. click away now if you don’t want to hear it). I am in desparate need of some new clothes. One, because summer is coming and two, because I have nothing to wear to work. My building’s air conditioner doesn’t usually get its shit together until August so I need something other than the sweaters that are hanging in my closet.

I have been a JCPenney shopper for a long time. As a matter of fact, that’s where I finally found, after trying on a hundred others, my communion dress and veil. I’ve always had good luck in their plus size department; a place that is usually unforgiving and unapologetic. The last few times I’ve perused the department, either in store or online, I have seen a steady decline in its offerings. My most recent trip, however, was the worst.

My mom and I stepped off of the elevator, which usually leaves us in the back of “our” department. Instead we were greeted with tons and tons of dresses. I got excited because every summer I say that I will wear dresses and only dresses for the whole summer. Then, all of a sudden, summer is over and I haven’t worn a dress once.

“SO MANY CHOICES!” I thought, as my eyes got as big as saucers, scanning each and every pattern, color and cut.

I walked over to the first rack and immediately started to make my dressing room choices. Quickly, I realized that these dresses were not plus size. Not a one. Not even close. I moved to the next rack, a little disheartened but, still eager. New rack, same problems. I looked up and realized that I was, in fact, in the wrong section.


They had switched the plus size area with the dress area. No biggie. I’ll just go over there and look through those dresses in my size. I walked over and found that the plus size section was also the clearance rack. I get that stores have to put things on sale and that seasons overlap but this looked like a schlock shop. Sizes all over, seasons all mixed together. Thankfully, it didn’t seem that the size of the department shrunk, (the one good thing about this particular store is that the plus size department is pretty big.) so there was a lot of ground to cover. I walked around picking things up, putting things down, as you do.

More and more I realized that every rack had basically the same style of shirt, jacket, pair of pants in different colors. I also realized that I bought this stuff last summer. The rest of the items were of the “Grandma (not so) Chic Collection”.


I’m not making fun of anyone’s clothing choices so please don’t be offended. It’s just that I don’t need another sheer top with an attached tank underneath. I don’t need another peplum top. I don’t want anything with butterflies, scribbles or some sort of tie dye/watercolor. I’m also not old enough for pastel sweatshirts with birdhouses on them (i don’t know if i’ll ever be ready for those.) or faux Chanel jackets with a coordinating necklace attached.

In the end, I wound up buying two tops. I like them but I can’t say I’m shitting myself with excitement.


As my mom and I walked out we both commented on how the Misses section was in pristine condition. Probably because it opens to the mall. How convenient. As a consumer it makes me feel so good about myself that the department I shop in is stuck in the back corner somewhere, looking like a mess. I understand that not every department can be in the front, but for once, shock the shit out of me and put it there (that goes for all department stores, not just JCPenney). And don’t make it the catch-all for everyone’s discards.

mindy mic drop

Sorry for the whining. It’s just that when your choice in stores are limited to begin with, you want to know that you can get what you need in that limitation. Also, shopping is supposed to be fun. It shouldn’t remind you of things that you aren’t happy with about yourself. It shouldn’t make you feel like less of a person or less valued than the next guy. It makes me feel like stores are trying to tell us that we should just be happy that plus size is even offered. Like I should fall to their feet with gratitude. please.

nicole richie

Again, sorry for the whining.

If you’re plus size, do you feel the same way? Should I just shut up and deal?
Even if you aren’t plus size, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Let’s discuss!

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