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the real silent killer

It’s officially a week until the Silent Auction! I’m not excited so much as I am entering full panic mode. The snow from the blizzard that sort of never happened is not helping. I was able to snag a snow day today because we all thought the snow was going to be a lot worse, but now I’m a day behind. It’s driving me up a wall. I wish I had a remote to fast forward to about 7pm, February 5th. By that time, I’ll be exhausted but the nightmare will be over.

Anyway, the point of this is that, like I did last year, I donated some photographs to the auction. Also like last year, I thought I’d share them here. SomeĀ aren’t new to the blog so you’ve probably seen them before, but humor me and act surprised (please?).

I hope they go over well like they did last year. I could really use the ego boost! I’ll definitely keep you updated.


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