kids these days

I saw this video floating around Facebook recently. Take a look and then we’ll discuss.

Ok, first of all – this was over a cellphone. A CELLPHONE. When I was his age, I had a pre-paid cellphone. It didn’t text, it had actual buttons, the screen was green and black and it had monophonic ringtones. It did, however, have a snazzy light up antenna (oh! that too! an antenna! do kids these days even know what that is?) that lit up when the phone rang. It was quite exciting.

Second, where does this kid come off? He obviously wasn’t supposed to have his cellphone in class/school. He was probably using it because Instagram is so much more important than math or history or whatever the poor man was trying to teach. The teacher was probably fed up and just wanted to get through the lesson. Instead, he gets slammed to the ground. I don’t want to comment on what kind of job his parents are doing because I am not a parent myself and because I don’t know what goes on in this kid’s home/life, but you can probably guess what I would say.

It’s hard for me to watch the video because the teacher is my parents age. They aren’t teachers, but it kills me to think that they could walk in to work and have something like this happen to them. Imagine this guy going home and his wife asking how his day was and he has to tell her that he got beat up by a student? Ugh. I can’t. It makes me sick. The other thing that bothers me is that no one helped. Not one other student said “Hey dude, it’s not worth it.” (kids still say “dude today, right? did they ever say “dude”?) Finally at the end, you can hear someone say “Should I get security?” and someone else tells them “yea”. Well that only took forever.

I give teachers – middle and high school ones, especially- a ton of credit. I know I could never do it. Not just because of events like this one, but in general. Teachers have a certain something that I just don’t have. It’s a different kind of patience, I think.

Hope you’re having a great week and if you’re in an area that’s bracing for the blizzard this week (like I am), stay safe, warm, and make sure your liquor cabinet refrigerator¬†is fully stocked. (for the record, i’m already freaking out over this storm. i hate snow and i’m hearing we should expect upwards of 3 feet. my boss isn’t one to close, which is a whole different post, so watch for me on the news – the only idiot in brooklyn trudging to work in a blizzard.)


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