last post of 2014!

I was going to wait until Wednesday to post this and make it a Wordless Wednesday post but since when am I “wordless”?

In keeping with tradition, Lisa and I made our after Christmas trip to the city. I was on the hunt to find the Palace Hotel because, Gossip Girl. I’ve been missing my Monday nights with Chuck and Blair and decided I needed to reconnect.

We walked, and walked, and walked,┬ábut not before we had dinner at the Melt Shop, which is all grilled cheese. I know, I’ll let that sink in. It was one of our better decisions.

We finally made it to the Palace. Let me tell you – if I had to live in a hotel, it would be that one. It’s small and quaint, lush and just gorgeous.


Yes, I swiped this from my own instagram. Does that make me a lazy “blogger”? Probably. I really can’t say that I’m ashamed though.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s holiday was great and magical and calorie filled, as the holidays should be.

Talk to you in 2015!


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