one year

blog birthday

My little blog turns one year old today!

I’m a bit more excited than I thought I would be. I guess since it took me almost the full year to get started.

I wish I had something planned, like a giveaway or something. I feel like a mom who forgot to plan her kid’s birthday party so she hired her husband’s foul mouthed friend to throw on a clown costume, and threw some pizza bites in the oven while she ran out to find a card and some balloons.

This is why I don’t have children. That, and the lack of anything slightly romantic in my life.

But, I have a blog. That I’m extremely proud of and enjoy hanging out with.

In the spirit of being a proud blog mama (oh God, even that sounded unnatural), I thought I’d do a year update.

Likes: page views, likes, comments, new subscribers, old subscribers, blogging friends, backstreet boys, one direction, the mindy project (did you see this week’s episode?!), manhattan, nail polish, glitter, kate spade, commas, sarcasm

Dislikes: ghost subscribers, slow viewership days

Goals: to hit 100 subscribers (1 away!), to hit 250 subscribers (in due time), to comment more, to become so popular mommy doesn’t have to worry about finding a new job (so thoughtful!), to make more friends.

I feel like I should get all introspective and say how starting this endeavor has changed me as a person. Except I’m the same hilarious, beautiful, sparkly, adult-child that I always was. So you lose on that one. Or maybe it’s a win.


I wanted to also say that I am so thankful for everyone reading this. If you’re a subscriber, thanks for pressing that button! If you aren’t, please feel free to change that! To the frequent commenters – thank you for keeping me motivated by reaching out. It’s scary how alike some of us are. It makes me feel less weird. I consider you guys my blog friends because that’s what friends are for, to share each other’s weirdness. (I hope I don’t sound crazy!)

Here’s to many more blogging birthdays!


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