single gal speaks: Santa Baby

I was flipping through my Flipboard app and I came across that video in an article from the Daily Mirror. (Is that like the Enquirer for our UK friends?)

Can I just say how in love I am with her remix? It’s adorable. And hits all too close to home.

So if anyone needs an idea on what to get me for Christmas, watch the video.

Except, he doesn’t have to squeeze into tight Calvins. I actually prefer sweats. And please have a sense of humor. And a good job. And no commitment issues. And please be nice. And open minded with lots of patience. And very romantical. And be smart. And reads. Like, actual books – for fun. And be able to hold a conversation. And has grammatical skill – even through text. =/ And be accepting, generous, good with kids. And not neurotic (I’ve got enough of that for the both of us) And level headed. And financially responsible… this could go on for days.

I’m not asking much (just a token, really. A trifle!). Oh! speaks in movie quotes. And song lyrics. And cute inside jokes.

Ugh. I’ll stop now.

I’ve been a little uninspired lately. What do you do when you’re feeling like you have nothing to say. Or you don’t have an interesting way of saying it?


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