Blogtober14 Day 21: dream vacation


Having fun on day 21!

Today’s prompt is something that I think about on a pretty constant basis. As usual, I don’t have just one answer.
We’re talking about dream vacations today, kids.

If I were given an unlimited amount of time and money to go any and everywhere I’d go to:

EUROPE: i want to eat pizza in italy, ask big ben for the time, see a senorita (with flowers in her hair) in spain, drink beer in germany, pick a 4 leaf clover in ireland, see the beauty that is prague, buy a beret in france, brush my hair with a dinglehopper at the little mermaid statue in copenhagen, smell the tulips in holland, suspend reality in amsterdam, visit castles in scotland… the list goes on. am i stereotyping? i apologize if my ugly american is showing, but the more i wrote, the more excited i got.

EXOTIC BEACHES: after my european journey, i think my next vacation would be to a beach. my cousin has been to atlantis in the bahamas and really liked it. fine with me. i just want a good pina colada, a comfy beach chair, a book or my kindle, and a pool for when the sun gets too hot.

AUSTRALIA: i want to be face to face with a kangaroo ( or a safe distance behind a fence with trained profesionals all around), i want to feed a koala some eucalyptus, i want to see the great barrier reef, i want to find P. Sherman at 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. i want to visit the opera house at night because the pictures are so beautiful.

CALIFORNIA: The furthest west I’ve ever been was memphis, tennessee. which isn’t that far, in the long run. i want to do all of california. see the redwoods, go to haight-ashbury, find the backstreet boys’ star on the walk of fame, say hello to the tanner family in san fransisco, break out of alcatraz, slip some of my celebrity husbands my phone number.

OTHER STATES: i have an ever growing list of places to see in america. i live here; i have no excuse. i’ve heard the grand canyon is incredible in person. niagara falls (the american and canadian side), hawaii, georgia, south and north carolina, louisiana, texas… this list goes on also.

MANHATTAN: but martina, you live in brooklyn! i know. i’ve just always wanted to rent a room in the city, traipse around – taking pictures, doing typical new york things, and when i’m tired and done for the day, just go up to my room and order room service. this vacation (weekend getaway, really), probably sounds better in my head. i’m a big believer in being a tourist in your own city because you’re probably taking the things it has to offer for granted. especially when your city is new york.

I guess I have a bit of wanderlust, huh? Where would you go?


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