Blogtober14 Day 19: what makes me happy


Day 19 wants to know what makes me happy.
I’m a generally happy person but there are things that send me over the edge. As usual, I’m blatantly not choosing just one item. Without further ado:

Martina’s List of Happy
my family, my friends, Disney movies, when my favorite shows have new seasons, diet coke, guys who are good with kids, guys in sweatpants, laughing, glitter, the mindy project, once upon a time, fall colors, taking off my bra, romantic comedies, guys who don’t act like assholes, michael kors bags, christmas, my birthday, finding money in an old jacket pocket, anything on sale, compliments, backstreet boys, one direction, receiving flowers, trips to sephora and ulta, videos from my favorite youtubers, payday, meaningful conversations, romantic guys, just because presents, taking a great photo, central park, smart guys, when things work out according to plan, new school supplies, going away on vacation, 90’s reruns, brooklyn, my bed, my celebrity husbands, instagram, funny guys, iced coffee, apple cider donuts, inside jokes, blogging, no traffic, rainstorms,summer, emojis, tax returns, crisp fall days, finding a good parking spot, getting dressed up, food, a fresh manicure, vibrant lipstick, good books, watching TV on the couch with my mom, Degrassi seasons 8, 9, and 10, movie nights, exploring the city, clean sheets, boozy brunches, reading in bed, silly moods, finding things with my name on it, having my hair played with, when my hair/makeup comes out exactly how i want it to and stays that way, seeing my site stats go up, nice comments on my posts, an easy day at work, ed sheeran’s thinking out loud video, anything from kate spade, reminiscing, shopping sprees…

And this list goes on.


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