Blogtober14 Day 6: 10 things I told myself when I first started blogging


Day Six- now in the mix!

Moving right along with Blogtober, day six wants to know 10 things you told yourself when you first started blogging. Luckily, I love lists and I love talking to myself.

  1. Here we go again. LET’S DO THIS!
  2. You need to blog everyday. Every other day? At least once a month. Are you ever going to post again?
  3. You’re too boring to blog. And your use of commas is appalling.
  4. It won’t take long to gain followers. (it feels like it’s taking for.ev.rrrrr.)
  5. Stop being so hard on yourself.
  6. Thinking of post titles won’t be hard. (it might be the worst part of blogging.)
  7. Should I use real names? Yes. unless the innocent need protecting.
  8. Create good content and followers will come.
  9. Stats don’t matter. Don’t obsess over them. Stop looking at them. Why are they so inaccurate? (seriously, if anyone knows how to get a reliable site stat tracker on a site, please let me know. teach me your ways.)
  10. You’ll get tons of feedback. From loads of people. (nope. not even a “you suck” or “omg you’re so funny! can we be best friends?”)

I don’t know how I feel about the direction this post went in, but I’m going to post it anyway because I made a promise to myself at the beginning of this endeavor that I would see it through. This blog isn’t a year old yet so I’m still telling myself these things. Especially the commas. I don’t even like commas; I much prefer a nice semi-colon, but I’m not 100% sure how and where to use them. There goes all of my credibility.

Thank God I could spell.


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