a single gal speaks: thoughts from a bridal expo

I went to my first bridal expo tonight. I’m so single my middle name might as well be Kraft, but that won’t stop be from being a supportive bridesmaid.

Here’s a decent sized list of what was going through my head as we walked through the expo.

  • ohh trumpeters! I wonder if I could hire them to announce my every arrival. Google it later.
  • this place is gorgeous. what can i throw a party for? being single? yea right.
  • open bar! hallelujah!
  • where did she get that cheese plate?
  • i’m starving. where did everybody find cheese?
  • potato puff? don’t mind if I do.
  • ohmigod. what the heck is in these things? crack?
  • found the cheese!
  • oh, this is good cheese.
  • these crackers are quality.
  • moving on. let’s see what we could win.
  • a kitchen aid mixer? score! i wonder if i need to be a bride-to-be to qualify.
  • forget it. my mom has no counter space.
  • but the hot pink is gorgeous.
  • nah, i really don’t want to hear my mother.
  • oh God, i still live with my parents.
  • every woman in here is engaged. that’s weird. oh wait – bridal expo. right.
  • that woman’s ring is huge! and sparkly!
  • it would look great on my finger.
  • i wonder if i ever will have one on my finger.
  • get it together, martina
  • weight loss shakes!
  • ehh. one meal a day? i don’t know if i’m ready for all that.
  • thank goodness lisa is here. at least i have someone to take pictures with.
  • the pictures came out great!
  • i need one of these for my house.
  • maybe i could talk them into getting one at work.
  • i wonder if they have any of those potato puffs left.
  • they do! now hopefully she comes this way because i don’t want to lose my seat for the fashion show.
  • i need a recipe for these puffs. and the mini spring rolls while we’re at it.
  • show’s starting!
  • i hope the DJ is good.
  • the DJ is fantastic!
  • why do they always change the song in the middle of my jam?
  • i don’t care about today’s music! give me some 90’s dance tunes!
  • i don’t know how i feel about these dresses. is this a wedding or a quinceañera?
  • the bridesmaid options are nice.
  • that’s me – always the bridesmaid, never the…
  • don’t go there. it will happen. of course it will. it has to. please, God.
  • maybe i’ll sign up for match.com when i get home.
  • oh, cut it out. you’re lonely – not desperate.
  • ehh.. maybe a little desperate.
  • nope. definitely more lonely.
  • God, I sound bitter.
  • i’m not bitter, am i? nahh.
  • i wonder if the bar is still open. i could smell wine.
  • i don’t even like wine.
  • they’re bringing out the desserts.
  • why don’t they have these things for single girls? on second thought, no. i don’t think it would work.
  • lights are on. time to go.
  • i wonder if there are any cookies left.
  • forget it. i’m going home.


Two single gals at a bridal expo!
Two single gals at a bridal expo! #photoboothfun


And finally I thought I would include this song that I’ve been loving lately. It’s on topic because it’s a letter to her future husband. God love Meghan Trainor and her catchy tunes.


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