plus size pixies… sort of

In between New Girl and The Mindy Project, I saw a commercial for the Old Navy Pixie Pants. You know the one with Amy Pohler as the judge? I love the part when she tells the 150 year old court reporter that she’s driving them to Old Navy. Anyway, I had about 10 minutes before my beloved Mindy Project started and I decided to check out those magical pants. Especially since it’s now officially Fall and that means I need some new clothes. God knows I didn’t have enough from last year. And if he didn’t, he could just check the Rubbermaids chock full of clothes stored in the basement. I headed over to and this is what I saw:



Perfect, I thought. I want red pants for upcoming season and $25 isn’t bad at all. Knowing I have some, ok a lot, of junk in the trunk (and in the front seat) I clicked over to the Women’s Plus section, like I usually do and this is what I found:


oldnavyplusUmm… what the eff is that? Four choices and 3 of them have a base color of black? The red isn’t even red, it’s burgandy/wine. I know what I want and what I want is FIRE ENGINE RED pants. I’m not looking for subtlety. I want cars to stop as I’m crossing the street because they think my ass is a stop sign. Well, I want cars to stop as I’m crossing the street in general, but you know what I mean. I want more than four colors. You’re probably thinking, “this chick didn’t even click shop now”. Uh. yes I did because if there’s one thing I always give is the benefit of the doubt. What I found when I clicked was the same exact thing. Actually, I just went back to check and see if I overreacted and I didn’t. They did offer a khaki, blue, and gray pair also but really, come on. Also, why are these pants $29? I know it’s only $4 more, but you know when you see something and say “Oh, that can’t be more than $___”,  and then you look at the price and even though it might only be a few dollars more than what you thought, you decide it’s just too much/not worth it? Call me cheap, but I don’t understand why plus size clothing is more expensive than straight sizes. I sort of get it that more fabric is needed but they make it seem like they need yards and yards more fabric. Football fields of fabric! Maybe they do, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not the fabric, maybe it’s the extra sewing or extra dye that might be needed. I don’t make clothes – I buy them.

Notice there’s no store like Forever 21 for plus size people (their plus section doesn’t count. first, it’s a juniors plus. second, i mean a store where everything is a Woman’s size but still super trendy and cheap.)

Speaking of Forever 21, did you know that the plus size section in the Union Square store was taken out and moved to the Times Square one? A whole train ride away. I understand appealing to demographics, I majored in advertising for God’s sake, but you mean to tell me that no one in that area is a plus sized woman looking for trendy clothes? Not a single person? Not even someone who might have come in from Brooklyn with her friends, who were doing some shopping at the store, and since she knew Forever 21 carries plus sizes, she was ready to shop also. She was ready to SPEND MONEY IN THEIR STORE but she couldn’t because they moved the entire section all the way to Times Square. Believe me, I know retailers aren’t looking for only me to shop in their stores. But I also know that stores look at their bottom lines and if  they would open their minds and maybe spend some money to make some money their bottom lines would be covered by me (and people like me) covering their bottoms.

Just a thought. tumblr_n9sjl5yZka1tv4k5po1_500

I think I’ve decided to participate in Blogtober. This means there will be a post from me every day in October-in theory. I’ll probably write them and queue them so that it actually happens and I won’t let you, my legions of fans/ readers down.



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