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#mancrushmonday: world cup edition

It’s World Cup time again! That sentence makes me seem more excited than I really am. Actually, I am pretty excited because that means there’s a whole new crop of athletes to gawk at when they’re running across my television screen. As an American, I don’t  truly appreciate the game of soccer football. As a woman, however, I can totally appreciate men with accents, tattoos, and uniforms running up and down a field. Since it’s Monday, (well, it was when I started to write this post) I figured I would dedicate this post to some of my #mancrushes of the World Cup.

Kyle Beckerman – USA

I don’t normally go for a guy with dreads, but with those pretty brown eyes, how could you resist?

Lorenzo Insigne and Mario Balotelli - Italy
Lorenzo Insigne and Mario Balotelli – Italy

Oh, hello Federico Balzaretti and all of his muscles. Gives new meaning to “Forza Italia”.


Mathew Ryan - Austrailia
Mathew Ryan – Australia

 He comes from a land down under.

Panagiotis Kone - Greece
Panagiotis Kone – Greece

Look up “modern day Greek god” in the dictionary and what do you find? Bingo.

Aleksandr Kerzhakov – Russia

This picture doesn’t do them justice but, those EYES…

This post would be lacking if I didn’t include the ultimate #mancrushmonday :world cup edition-

Bow down, bitches.

Who are your man crushes of the World Cup?


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