Putting myself out there UPDATE!

Remember when Hurricane Irene hit and the storm was raging, the winds were blowing and everything was just a hot mess? Then the next day, the sun was out and it was like a storm never ripped through at all? Yea. That’s what the Silent Auction felt like. I was non-stop yesterday; to the point where I wanted to change my name and not tell anybody what it was. Martina who? All in all, I think it was a success and we may have even raised more than our $6000 goal. SCORE!

Now, you’re probably wondering how my donations fared. Even if you weren’t I going to tell you anyway. They were a hit! The opening bid on each of them was $25. My boss bid on the one of Central Park in the snow, which I expected and then she got outbid by a student – totally unexpected. Then the one of the leaves got bid on by the CFO of the hospital. I think she’s the CFO. Whatever. A big wig at the hospital bid in that one. The one of the Wonder Wheel got bid on by someone who comes to the Student Center frequently.

So as far as totals go here’s the breakdown:

  • Central Park in the Snow: $30
  • Coney Island: $40
  • Leaves: $55

Not too shabby.

I also heard my boss telling a few people that I had donated them and that they were my work. Her secretary asked me if she could buy some of my other stuff too.

I’m really proud of myself. Not so much for the monetary aspect of the situation, but for the fact that I actually got into the pool and did something that made me a little uncomfortable.

Ok. I’m going to try to get my head back to its normal size now.

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