The only way to get pictures of Central Park in the snow is…

It’s a well known fact that I hate snow. I am a summer baby who lives for the 3 short months where jackets and long pants are not a requirement. So can someone tell me why I decided to accept and invitation to trek into Manhattan in a snowstorm? I was lured by the beauty of Central Park, the freshly fallen snow, and the many photo opportunities that lie within those two things. I received a DSLR camera from my parents for my college graduation, which was four years ago -yikes!, and I haven’t really flexed it’s muscles.

Anyway, I decided to go. I got ready, made sure everything was charged. I can’t tell you how many times I go out with every intention to take tons of pictures and 10 minutes later my battery light is blinking (Backstreet Boys 2010 concert, for example). I picked up my friend and off we went.

For some reason I thought, and I tend to do this often being an only child, that the city would be cleared of snow. Wrong. We came out of the train and were pelted with those small, sharp snowflakes that always seem to get you right in the eye. These are not the magical, floating, fluffy snowflakes that winter dreams are made of. Walking the 5ish blocks from the train to the park was not easy. I am one of those people who are in complete denial that the winter brings cold weather so I am totally unprepared for it when it comes. I have a nice warm jacket and tons of decorative scarfs but that’s where it ends. So, there we were trudging towards the park through the wind and snow, me in just a jacket and EMU boots. Needless to say, it took about 10 minutes for my feet to be frozen and wet and for my jacket to be covered in sharp snowflakes. I wish I got it on video; I’d be a Youtube sensation.

The park was packed with children and their parents on sleds and those frisbee things (Tobogans? I don’t know, I think I’ve played in the snow once.), runners (that’s dedication), and people doing exactly what we were – being there just to be there.


My camera is a Nikon D3000 in case you were wondering. I really like it but I kind of wish it had video capability just because but it’s fine. I’ll live. Admittedly, I kept it on Automatic mode but considering I was getting pelted with death star snowflakes and it was the first time I was using it for something other than family parties and holidays I don’t think I could have handled playing around with the other settings.

I wish we could have done more in the park but it was getting dark out and we decided that it was time to move on. Since we didn’t want to go home yet we got back on the train and headed for Times Square and the tree. Times Square was, thankfully, not the mob scene it usually is. Snow- 1, Tourists – 0.

The tree was fantastic. If you’ve never been, go.



We didn’t get a chance to do Bryant Park or the windows which was a bit of a bummer but I could always go back. I have tons of time, right?

Hope you enjoyed my second official post. Ciao for now!

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