Radio City Spring (very!) Spectacular!

I’ve tried to get this post up all day but there was the small issue of having to actually write it, get all of my pictures in order and “edit” some video footage. Then, of course, being at work didn’t help. And we all know it’s Tuesday and the Mindy finale was on (OMG. just OMG.) so naturally, I couldn’t do anything for the hour leading up to it and then I apparently needed an hour to get myself together. So, it will probably be Thursday before this goes up. I know you don’t care about specifics. I’m just annoyed at myself for not having a schedule and being all over the place. Let’s just say this whole ramble was for accountability or something.

Anyway, this is going to be a fun post. Spectacular, if you will.

This past Sunday I had a girl’s night out at the Radio City Spring Spectacular. And that it was. First of all, Derek Hough, of Dancing with the Stars fame, is in it. I love him on DWTS and I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to see an Emmy Award winning dancer on stage, in person. He didn’t disappoint. I mean between the singing, the dancing and the acting, the boy has skillz (to pay the billz). And he’s adorable, which is always welcomed.

When we walked in to the lobby we all got wristbands and were told that they were part of the show and to wear them like a watch. Our party all met up and we went to our seats. It turns out that mine was the aisle seat which made me so happy because it would be able to document. I should say before I insert any pictures, the seats we had for the Christmas Spectacular were better for pictures because we were closer. Unfortunately, these came out blurry or the lights were too bright, but the sets were so amazing I figured something was better than nothing. Also, I have this problem where I feel the need to document whatever I can at these things so I can have them forever. I’m trying to control this because I’m realizing more and more that I should really just be in the moment. I realize now that I missing so much while I worry about preserving memories. But that’s another post.

So, now we’re all seated and the lights go down and all of a sudden Derek is on stage. He’s Jake, an angel sent by God (Whoopi Goldberg) to New York to help save Bernie’s tour company. If he succeeds, he gets his wings! Bernie’s tour company is being taken over by Jenna (Laura Bernanti – amazing), who wants to make everything virtual. So Bernie, Jake, Jenna and Co. go on a tour of New York.

After the Rockettes do their opening number to Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” (already, I’m hooked), Bernie starts off with a small history lesson about how Henry Hudson got lost on his way to China and found himself on what we all know and love today as New York island. Then we find ourselves at the Met. We also find out that Jake has magical powers. Powers that make paintings and statues come to life. And make our bracelets light up, which will come in handy later.

Bernie has two adorable grandchildren that join us for part of the tour. My favorite was the little girl who would not accept Jenna’s business card but wanted her Twitter handle instead. kids, i tell you. 


While in Central Park, it started to rain. Literally, right on stage. I’ve seen Disney shows before, which are filled with that Disney magic, but this was right up there. Jenna’s assistant was also a master tap dancer and what else do you do in the rain but a full tap number? He was really great though. Like, Savion Glover good. (for the kids born after 1995, Google him.) As an avid watcher of DWTS, I know that Derek names Fred Astaire as one of his idols (and did an amazing tribute last season with Bethany Mota) so I wanted to get him dancing on the light pole on video but I got caught. Actually, I was going to take a picture, which is allowed, but the usher thought I was videoing, which isn’t. I was videoing, just not at that moment. There was also a moment during that number where one of the Rockettes fell on stage. I felt so bad. Here you are, in front of 6,000 people, and all of a sudden you’re on the floor. As bad as it sounds, I wish I had gotten that on video because she was a trooper. She fell but never broke stride. It’s almost a metaphor for life. It doesn’t matter who or where you are, if you fall just get back up and keep moving because the show must go on. Sounds good, no?

While the rain cleared (ha!) they showed a montage of movies made in New York. Well. I got emotional. It wasn’t meant to be a tearjerker or anything. On the way home, as we rode past the Empire State Building, my mom, my aunt and my cousin’s girlfriend were talking about the show and how great it was.

Me: Call me crazy, but I got emotional with the movie montage.

My aunt: Yea. It’s a sense of pride. There are movies and television shows set here. Songs written about it. I mean, nobody writes songs about Florida.

When the stage was dry, Bernie and Co. were back at Madison Square Garden. Bernie was not the best hockey, basketball or football player but he managed to hit a grand slam at Yankee Stadium. They had lots of cameos cheering Bernie on. Henrik Lundqvist, Mariano Rivera, Joe Girardi, Walt Frazier, Kelly Ripa, Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham Jr, 50 Cent. There was a point where Jake was dancing at the bottom of my aisle and I was convinced he was going to run up it. Don’t worry, friends. I was ready if he did. I was going to say “I love you, Derek” when he passed me. I’m sure he would have given me and my group backstage passes to meet Jenna and Bernie and a few Rockettes. Take a couple of pictures and wish him luck on DWTS. Him and I could have hit it off. He didn’t run up though so I guess we’ll never know.

Jenna, at this point, was tired of all of the cultural sights so she took us to Fashion Week. They wore Zac Posen, DVF, and Isaac Mizrahi dresses. They also wore jackets that lit up. Our bracelets were also going nuts, thanks to Jake’s magic. It was really something to see. I would love one of those light up jackets so whoever could hook me up, that would be great.

After Fashion Week, we went to the New York Public Library, which was my favorite part. We met the lions who sit outside. They’re known as Patience and Fortitude, but also go by Tina and Amy, as in Fey and Poehler. I love those two together. My favorite line was:

Amy: I don’t know what ‘fortitude’ means

Tina: ‘Patience’ means beauty. The most beautiful.

I guess you had to be there. All I know is, I would happily be the third wheel of that friendship. They’re great.

Me with the real Patience/Tina

Me with the real Patience/Tina

I think at this point Jenna and Jake came into the audience because Bernie was quizzing us. They called on two people, one named Sal and the other Joanne (I believe). Laura even broke character to tell us that her parent’s names are Sal and Joanne so she loved them already. The third person they called on might have been planted because he was asked to sing “New York, New York” and he was actually really good. “Jenna” seemed wayy too excited for this guy so I’m thinking Laura may have been genuinely surprised. This is also where Jenna and Jake realize they like each other so that’s why I think this guy was planted, to make sure the show kept moving, you know?

Now we’re at the top of the Empire State Building, where Derek looks good in a white dinner jacket and sounds great singing one of my personal favorites, “The Way You Look Tonight”. By now, my mom was crying because this part was pretty emotional. I’ll just leave it at that since I’ve given every other detail of the show.

Finally, they head to the Statue of Liberty (also Whoopi Goldberg) and that’s all I’ll say. The Rockettes are celebrating 80 years this year, which warrants super sparkly costumes and they did not disappoint. in my next life, i’m going to be a rockette.

Here’s the video I “edited”. It’s all of the clips I was able to get before I got caught. Again, sorry for the quality.

And that’s about it. After the show we had dinner at Juniors, which was delicious. I recommend the “Something Different” and a slice of cherry cheesecake.


Sorry this was so long. The show was really that good.  It’s a limited run but if you could get tickets, GET THEM AND GO!

Woof. This was a long one. Thanks for making it all the way to the end!

Before I sign off, I did a bit of redecorating! Do you like it? I’m still working on a few things, but I’m liking it so far.

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real women WCW!

Here we are at the last week of Women’s History Month WCW. I hope you enjoyed it. I mean, I know it’s not my best work, but I thought it was a good idea and I’m sure better things are on the horizon. (no i’m not, but it sounded good, didn’t it?)

This week’s WHMWCW will feature women who aren’t celebrities. They won’t look familiar to you unless you’ve been keeping up with this blog for a while or you’ve been stalking me (in that case, please stop. thanks). I can’t call them women crushes because that would be weird. So, without further ado, my non-crush WCW.

My mom is hands down my best friend. I don’t know what I’d do or where I’d be without her. She’s the Sophia to my Dorothy, the Kris to my Kim. I might not know where I’d be or what I’d do without her, but I can say this, my clothes would be filthy and I’d probably starve. I’d have no one to watch my “stories” with. No one to go on adventures with. No one to come home and tell all of my secrets to. She’s my biggest cheerleader and is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. I hope that when my time comes I could manage to be half the mother she is. She knows that she has to stay in line, though. Since I’m an only child I get to pick her nursing home.

shady pines

WCW collage

My mom isn’t the only woman in my family who I am lucky to have. I have a set of the best aunts in the world. They have taught me how to fluff pillows, they’ve patiently and painstakingly helped me choose a Communion dress and calmed me down when I looked like an idiot at my Confirmation. And most importantly, they didn’t kill me when I cried howled through the night because everyone underestimated my hatred of sleepovers and just wanted to go home.

I’ve said before that I’m an only child. Luckily, the cousin branches on my family tree grow very close together. We’ve kept each other company in the bathroom, they’ve tried to teach me important life skills – like the “I Want It That Way” airport dance (which i still can’t do). We’ve fought with each other, got in trouble together, laughed and cried together. They’re my constants. My definites. They’re probably going to read this and immediately call a priest because I never get this sentimental; I must be possessed.


I am so lucky to call these women mine.


coolest phone case ever!

Remember how I said I ordered new phone cases and they were the coolest ever? Well, take a peek! I also ordered one with pink glitter and gold stars but that one hasn’t come in yet. I got them from a seller on Ebay. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 but I know that they also have them for the iPhone.

When I was little I used to go nuts over those placemats filled with water and had either fish or trucks or whatever floating around in them. That’s what these sort of remind me of. Or, if you’ve ever been to the New York Aquarium, they have an indoor waterfall that gushes down every 45 seconds or so (I wish I could find a video that was not from a stranger’s vacation. It’s actually pretty cool.). This sort of reminds me of that except with glitter.

New phone case! #itsthelittlethings #thankgodforebay

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Do you remember those placemats or am I alone here?

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book talk!

No matter how many times she entered it, Dolly never lost her sense of awe at the sheer majesty of Central Park. To her it was like its own city within a city, or perhaps more of a kingdom, the kind of place where there should be a castle in the middle, complete with a moat and drawbridge and a turret soaring to the clouds with a pretty lady fair peeking from the window.

-“Searching for Grace Kelly” by Michael Callahan

I mean, there is a castle in Central Park, but no moats, drawbridges or ladies fair. Central Park is quite magical, though. It’s like those elusive “traveling pants” whenever you step in, it’s a perfect fit.

I recommended this book when I was halfway through and now that I’m finished I’ll recommend it again. If you’re looking for old New York glamour, pick this one up!

searching for grace kelly

I know I asked a few days ago but, read any good books lately? Have you read this gem?

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photo dump: brooklyn heights

On Sunday, (yes Sunday, as in almost a week ago) Lisa and I headed downtown to relive our college days. By relive our college days I mean eating lunch, getting Starbucks and act like idiots real adults. We went to school in Brooklyn Heights, which is like a little Manhattan. Really little, but it has everything you may need. Like Five Guys and Sephora. Some stores have changed but for the most part it was like we took a short ride in Dr. Brown’s DeLorean (except we went backwards and not in to the future. i think i messed up that reference.) After lunch, we walked down to the Promenade. (a note to my out of town friends: if you come to new york, try to make your way over here. great views of downtown manhattan and the brooklyn bridge. it’s a nice walk from beginning to end and if you keep going, you’ll find yourself under the bridge, where there’s a carousel, and ice cream place and great views of the manhattan bridge. it’s worth the trip if you like to walk.)

Anyway, this post is going to be a small photo dump of the day. Consider this also a weekend recap since this was basically it.

princess diaries

All of these photos were taken on my cellphone. I felt like that needed mentioning because even I am blown away by the quality. I still love my trusty Nikon DSLR though.



it’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy bey-bey.

Lisa’s dream was to tell the barista at Starbucks that her name is Beyonce. I played along and used Mariah, which didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for so the next time I go to Starbucks, I’m going to wear red lipstick and tell them my name is Taylor Swift. They’ll take one look at the short, not skinny (i just could not decide on an adjective here), brunette in front of them and be totally convinced. The barista in this case was a good sport. He called out Lisa’s drink but didn’t say a name so, of course, I sadi, “For Beyonce?” to which he responded, “yea, but I didn’t want the paparazzi to swarm”. “Good looking out.” I said. now lemme get yo numba. (because this is as close to a meet-cute as i’m going to get.)

20150315_161652_aWM 20150315_161226_WM

20150315_162903_WM 20150315_163015_WM 20150315_163702_WM


19 Cranberry Street. What movie is this from? Here’s a hint – “I HAVE NO HAND!” No? How about – “My dying mother in Italy!” Give up? Moonstruck! It’s the house Cher lived in. I tweeted her this picture and didn’t get a response. Maybe it’s for the better, homegirl is not the best at handling the tweet machine.


We’re going to pretend this  1)picture isn’t blurry and 2) building is not a bunch of apartments and that I could live there when I marry super super super rich. I’m in love with that turret. I’m sure, if no one ruined it, these apartments are filled with charm. High ceilings, built in bookshelves, creaky wood floors. ugh. Honestly, I based some of my decision to go to the school I did on being able to troll hang out in this neighborhood everyday. The brownstones, the carriage houses, the Promenade – oh my!

carriage house

I didn’t take this photo,(click the photo to go to the site I got it from) but I did pass this house. Isn’t it gorgeous? You could almost hear the clip-clop of the horses parking in the driveway.

That’s about it. What’s your go-to Starbucks alias?

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celebrity girlfraaands!

Here we are at week three of Women’s History Month WCW! March is just flying by, isn’t it? (this post is pre-written, so if the month is dragging, just ignore that last sentence. it just seems that by this time of the month, everyone is all “OMG where does the time go?”)

This is the post that you’ve probably been expecting and have wondered why it took so long. If it were a Friends episode it would be called “The One with Mindy”. So…

mindy kaling SAG awards

My birthday is in July and I would like to put a request out there from now. I want to be Mindy Kaling’s best friend. best gift ever. I know she has some already but, I think we would work well together. And, not to seem like a big mooch, but she’s got connections. I could cross meeting so many celebrities off my list. Like Harry Styles.


She could probably gain some inspiration for Dr Lahiri’s character by just hanging out with me. I mean, I also like to classify myself as a hot mess and love to eat.

So there. I’ve paid her back for all of my celebrity meetings.

mindy fever

i sure do.

Ok, I’m done with the Mindy love, for now.

Next up is…

anna kendrick

Anna Kendrick. First, can I say how excited I am about Pitch Perfect 2 coming out? Between Becca and Jesse and Fat Amy, I can’t wait. Anyway, back to Anna. I love how real she is. Like really down to Earth. Not like Jennifer Lawrence though. I actually want to hang out with Anna. Jennifer, eh. not so much.

anna kendrick twitter

She’s also funny and so friggen’ talented. And she has blocked her role in Twilight out completely, which, good for her.

twilight anna kendrick

She also made the cutest short for Kate Spade last Christmas. I’m still obsessed.

I think we would have so much fun together being locked out of her brownstone. Drinking champagne straight from the bottle, singing to her dog, dressing up in all of our new clothes. Ugh. it would be so much fun.

And finally, the last of my BFFWCWs



I know she hasn’t done much lately but I’ve heard that she’s coming out with an album this year. And I’m sure it will be amazing and totally worth the wait. She’s so body positive and, like Anna, keeps it really real.

Could you imagine if Mindy, Anna, Adele and I were all best friends? I’m sure hilarity would ensue.

Also, Taylor Swift has grown on me. She can sit with us if she wears pink on Wednesdays (Mean Girls overkill? Is there such a thing?). That way I’ll get all the dirt on Harry. ha. dirty harry. Because that’s what girlfraaands do.

Who is your BFFWCW?

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Late (as usual) Friday Five!

We made it through another week! Let’s keep the good times rolling and get right into my Friday Five, shall we?

I like to change my phone case every couple of months and it’s getting to that time so I was on the hunt for a new one. Somehow I stumbled across this one and I need it. Like, right now.

ursula- PUS

Did you ever? I would have bought it right then and there but I refuse to spend $25+ on a phone case because, Amazon. #sorrynotsorry My other reasoning was that I wanted these two also and I definitely was not spending that much money on cellphone cases. I found them here, so if you want to buy me a present, feel free!

I did, however, find exactly what I was looking for (minus Ursula). wait until you see them!

After Mindy on Tuesday, I immediately logged on to Tumblr (am i too old for Tumblr? if i am, ignore that statement) because God forbid I just leave well enough alone. Anyway, I’m scrolling and reblogging, etc and I come across this gem.

SPOILERS AHEAD (i think. at least it’s fair warning.)

danny india


Is he asking for Mindy’s hand in marriage? I thought her parents lived in Boston! I mean, they just had a whole episode about how Catholic Danny is, so I think it’s safe to assume marriage is on the horizon. Ugh. Only two episodes left and I really don’t know what to do with myself.

I’m trying to keep myself occupied so I’ve bought multiple books to get through the hiatus. Right now I’m reading “Searching for Grace Kelly” by Michael Callahan.

searching for grace kelly

It’s set in the mid 1950’s New York City. It’s about the girls at the Barbizon Hotel. The hotel was THE place for glamorous women to stay/live while in New York. The book is dripping with glamour. It makes me want to be there. I think I was a Barbizon Girl in my past life because, obviously, I am the epitome of class, grace, culture and all around refinement.


I’m only about halfway through but I would definitely recommend it.

I use Spotify at work, when I could get on a computer. I feel like it’s more personalized than Pandora and it has a ton to choose from. I made a playlist of all songs I used to love in high school. I don’t know who I thought I was back then. I have a little dance, a little R&B, and a LOT of rap. Missy Elliott, Jagged Edge, Biggie, Cascada, Deborah Cox, Angelo Venuto (if you had a sweet 16 and didn’t play him, your party was lame. what else are brooklyn gweeds supposed to beat the beat to? #sorrynotsorry ). So, I’ve been busy dancing down memory lane.


Since my life isn’t all that exciting, I’m going to make the last item some Friday funnies.




me. so me. my future./caption]

I guess that’s it. Have you read any good books lately? Any ideas on what Danny is doing in India?

Let’s discuss!