kids these days

I saw this video floating around Facebook recently. Take a look and then we’ll discuss.

Ok, first of all – this was over a cellphone. A CELLPHONE. When I was his age, I had a pre-paid cellphone. It didn’t text, it had actual buttons, the screen was green and black and it had monophonic ringtones. It did, however, have a snazzy light up antenna (oh! that too! an antenna! do kids these days even know what that is?) that lit up when the phone rang. It was quite exciting.

Second, where does this kid come off? He obviously wasn’t supposed to have his cellphone in class/school. He was probably using it because Instagram is so much more important than math or history or whatever the poor man was trying to teach. The teacher was probably fed up and just wanted to get through the lesson. Instead, he gets slammed to the ground. I don’t want to comment on what kind of job his parents are doing because I am not a parent myself and because I don’t know what goes on in this kid’s home/life, but you can probably guess what I would say.

It’s hard for me to watch the video because the teacher is my parents age. They aren’t teachers, but it kills me to think that they could walk in to work and have something like this happen to them. Imagine this guy going home and his wife asking how his day was and he has to tell her that he got beat up by a student? Ugh. I can’t. It makes me sick. The other thing that bothers me is that no one helped. Not one other student said “Hey dude, it’s not worth it.” (kids still say “dude today, right? did they ever say “dude”?) Finally at the end, you can hear someone say “Should I get security?” and someone else tells them “yea”. Well that only took forever.

I give teachers – middle and high school ones, especially- a ton of credit. I know I could never do it. Not just because of events like this one, but in general. Teachers have a certain something that I just don’t have. It’s a different kind of patience, I think.

Hope you’re having a great week and if you’re in an area that’s bracing for the blizzard this week (like I am), stay safe, warm, and make sure your liquor cabinet refrigerator is fully stocked. (for the record, i’m already freaking out over this storm. i hate snow and i’m hearing we should expect upwards of 3 feet. my boss isn’t one to close, which is a whole different post, so watch for me on the news – the only idiot in brooklyn trudging to work in a blizzard.)


friday five – channel surfing

It is no secret that I’m addicted to The Mindy Project. However, I do watch other shows. So in the spirit of Friday Five, here are five shows that I am loving right now.

Jane the Virgin – I’ve always wondered if this (getting accidentally inseminated, getting pregnant, but still be a virgin) could really happen. So when I first saw a commercial for this show, I was immediately intrigued. It is set up almost like a Spanish soap opera , which is like an American soap opera with more drama. It’s got comedy, drama, and most importantly, romance. And the guys are really cute.


Mob Wives – I’ve watched this trainwreck from the very beginning.  The last two seasons weren’t so great, but this one seems to be doing well. Especially since the Godmother herself made an appearance. The Godmother being Victoria Gotti. And she was faaabulous.

renee mobwives
me neither, Renee

Hindsight – (sidenote: to those of you who are, like me, obsessed with makeup videos on youtube – the girl who plays Becca looks exactly like Elle Fowler of All that Glitters fame.) If I wasn’t lazy and changed the channel when Mob Wives was over about two weeks ago, I would have never found this gem. It’s set in 1995 so right away, I’m hooked. 1995 was 20 years ago, by the way. I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in because I know I needed one. Anyway, it’s filled with 90’s goodness. Beepers, Doc Martins, Walkmans, VCRs, etc.They even played some Mariah Carey in the episode before last. Because the 90’s were just about the last time she was worth listening to.

mariah carey

Mariah. Girl, I know that was harsh, but it’s true. I was a huge fan of yours back then. And then Charmbracelet happened. I think we both know that was the beginning of the end. I do, however, still love you as the diva icon you are.

Chasing Life – I don’t know why but I love a good cancer show or storyline. Like when Spinner had cancer on Degrassi or Red Band Society, which was not given a fair chance if you ask me. Anyway, this is one of those good cancer shows. I’m glad it’s finally back from hiatus because my Monday nights were getting pretty lonely.

chasing life

Big Women: Big Love – I know I said I was going to do a whole post on this one, and I still might. It took about two episodes for me to decide if I even liked the show. I really do. I see a lot of myself in these women. Except Jess. She (seemingly) has more confidence in one strand of hair on her head then I have in my whole body. I wish they would stop complaining how they don’t have a man because of their bodies. Two reasons – 1) I know how they feel. I live it everyday. I don’t need to be reminded of it from people on my TV. 2) I know for a fact that losing weight doesn’t guarantee a man. Not even a sparkling personality or winning smile guarantees a man. Believe me. I have both and I’m still on the vine, so to speak.
i’m thinking a full post is definitely in order. keep your eyes peeled.

big ang love it

And there you have it. This is what you’ll find on my DVR at some point during the week.

Some honorable mentions:
Mike & Molly
Snooki & Jwoww
The Little Couple
Little Women: LA
Blue Bloods
Girl Meets World

What shows are you loving right now?

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That’s what friends are for

I’ve been having a pretty shitty day at work today (or everyday) so I was complaining listing all of my problems to Nicole. Because my problems are much more important than teaching the children of America (or New York, in Nicole’s case). Anyway, a while later, as I still wallowed in self pity, I got a text with this picture in it:


That’s what friends are for. Minions and help with hiding the bodies.

Hope your day is going well!


Got MLK?


When I was a kid Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday didn’t mean much more than a day off. I looked forward to sleeping in, staying in my pajamas, and watching Nickelodeon all day. As I got older, I learned of the changes that Dr. King had made, the progress he put into motion. Learning of these things may not have immediately changed my feelings about my day off, however it opened my eyes to what a special man was born on this day.

A long time ago I was channel surfing and stumbled across an episode of True Life on MTV. In this episode they were dealing with interracial couples and the problems that they face. It showed one couple walk through the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. I was intrigued by the museum and put it on my Places to Go list. Years passed and I filed it in the bottom drawer of my mind’s filing cabinet.

Fast foward to 2009. My mom and a family friend were planning a vacation to Memphis. Other than Graceland, I had no idea what Memphis had to offer (SPOILER ALERT: it’s a lot).) I Googled Memphis and after I got past all of the websites about Elvis and Graceland I saw The National Civil Rights Museum. Immediately, I remembered the True Life episode and needed to go there.I added it to our growing list of places to visit when we got there.

A little background on the museum. It is broken into two buildings located across the street from one another. The main building is the old Lorriane Hotel. This is an important location because this is the hotel where Dr. King was shot. The second building is the apartment building in which James Earl Ray sat in the bathtub and shot Dr. King.

We took the trolley (reason # 641648 why I need to live in Memphis) down to the museum. From the outside the museum still looks like a hotel from the 1960’s. They have the original sign, and a few authentic cars in the parking lot. I loved that detail. I didn’t get close enough to them to see if there was a sign that said why they were there. Meaning, if they left Dr. King’s car where it was, or if they added them later to make it look and feel more authentic.

As we were walking through the doors there were big signs all over saying:


Seriously? So of course I had to ask if this is real.

Me: So, like are they serious about the camera thing? I really can’t take pictures in here?

Ticket Lady: Yes m’am. You can’t take pictures in the museum.

Me: Even without flash? Because in Graceland they let you take pictures without flash. What if I just hold the camera?

Ticket Lady: Even without flash. Please put the camera in your bag. They will confiscate it if they see it.

Ok, if you say so.

I even put my saddest, “I’m just a tourist” face but she held firm.

Before you are able to walk through the exhibits you have to sit and watch a short movie on the history of civil rights. It showed pictures from the time of slavery all the way until the 1960’s. The last few minutes of the film they showed pictures of the race riots and the people getting hosed by the police. Now, I’m not a cryer but I seriously teared up. They look on the faces of the people were haunting.

The museum flowed as you walked through it, starting in the 1600’s with Slavery in America. You traveled through to the Montgomery Bus Boycotts in the 50’s, the Student Sit – Ins and Freedom Rides in the 60’s, and the Black Power Movement in the 70’s. They had replicas of the bus that Rosa Parks rode, complete with statues of her and the yelling bus driver. They had the original lunch counter where students sat and had food and condiments and God knows what else thrown on them, they had the burned out Freedom Riders bus.

When you got closer to where Dr King’s room was they had more exhibits on him and the work he did, his protests and marches. They had a replica of his jail cell and they played the phone call between him and his wife from that cell. I believe she told him President Kennedy had called the house but it’s been a while and I can’t find it online. I remember that it was a very husband/wife conversation. I even think at one point their daughter got on the phone too.

Then we got to the end. Room 306. It was surreal. As the crowd filed into the area, the whole mood changed. It was quiet and somber. If we spoke it was quietly. Which is a lot coming from a group of people from Brooklyn. It’s not that we’re rude or trying to be, it’s just sometimes we forget that our amp is on 11. As much as I wanted my camera, I’m glad they were banned because it gave me the opportunity to savor the moment.The preservation efforts were amazing. The bed was unmade, the coffee was untouched (well, ok the fake coffee was untouched), his toiletry bag was still in the bathroom and cigarette butts (again, fake) were still in the ashtray. And then it was over.

We made our way across the street to the boarding house where James Earl Ray stayed. They showed the mattress that he slept on, the clothes he left, and the bathtub he sat in when he shot Dr. King. And of course, the view is the same.  It was eerie. The mattress was dirty and the tub was gross. The minute I stepped off the elevator and on to the floor of the exhibit I felt it. Something bad had happened here. The same way I felt a sad heaviness when I saw Dr King’s room. Seriously, I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

After leaving the museum we probably had something to eat, maybe had a drink at the Peabody with the ducks (A Memphis must see!). Eventually we got on the plane and came home. But. That visit has stayed with me all this time.

Today is not just a day off. Today we celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We need to build on the foundations he laid and spread more of what he taught and brought forth. Today and everyday.

Happy Birthday, Dr. King.


playing catch up

It’s been about a week since I’ve last posted and it feels like a lifetime. At work, we are going full force with our annual Silent Auction and guess who is running “lead”. That’s right, yours truly. We’re about a month behind, which is totally not my fault. I usually pick up the project when donations start to come in and they’re not rolling in like they usually do. It’s driving me nuts because I have a female Gordon Ramsey for a boss. Actually, she really reminds me of Abby from Dance Moms. Yes. It’s that bad. She’s been OK so far. I’m just waiting for the blowout. I get stressed thinking about the day of the auction, which is coming up fast and furious. I’m taking it as it comes and hopefully it comes with a Valium.


This month marks my 10 year anniversary here, at this job. It’s odd to find a 16 year old with that kind of work ethic, but here I am. I kid, I kid. I’m 18. In my dreams. Anyway, I really don’t know how to feel. I NEVER expected to be here that long. I never WANTED to be here that long but things happen, I guess. I really don’t want to get into it on here because I’m trying to keep my job negativity out of my little corner of the internet, but I just don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t quit, I don’t want to stay. I’ve been proactive about looking for a different job and I’ve been lackadaisical (hello, $10 word.). I’ve sent resumes and gotten no responses. I’ve gone to the career center at my alma mater (that sounds fancy!), I’ve even applied for jobs at the school and they didn’t even give me the courtesy of an interview. I’ve applied for jobs in other departments in my current place of employment and have gotten interviews and then, without fail the inevitable “it’s not you, it’s us” letter. Personally, I think my boss has put the kabosh on all of them in some way, shape or form. So to say I’m at my wits end is a big understatement. I’ve thought about going back to school but 1) I’m scared that I’ll finish and still not be able to find anything and 2) I have no idea what to go back for; the possibilities are endless and I’m afraid of making the wrong decision.

Woof. that went in an unintended direction. Moving on to happier things.

I accidentally came across spoilers for the Mindy Project. It really was an accident. I was looking for gifs of the last episode on Tumblr and they popped up and I couldn’t. look. away. Anyway, if they’re true and they really happen, I’m kind of torn. I sort of like what I read but part of me feels like they’re trying to tie up some story lines in case they don’t come back for a fourth season (i’m biting my tongue) or they already know they won’t be back (the horror!). The most recent episode was good but I think Mindy needs to be back in New York. California just doesn’t feel right.


Just for the show though. Personally, I am dying to visit California. Who wants to help a poor sister out?

I’ve had the new Bruno Mars/ Mark Ronson song stuck in my head for about 3 days now. I just love Bruno Mars. He’s talented, funny, and compact. I would love to stick him in my pocket and take him everywhere with me so when I need a quick pick me up dance party I’ll be prepared.

This is the point where I’ve realized that there is nothing else going on in my life to write about and since my internet connection is being extremely spotty, I’m going to end this with a few questions for you guys! Feel free to leave your answers/advice in the comments!

  1. I find that I’m having trouble thinking up titles for my posts and I’ve noticed that I’m not getting as many views as I would like. I try to tag my posts accordingly and I share on my Facebook and I have a Bloglovin’ page. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  2. On a related note, I’m feeling a little uninspired lately. Is there anything you would want to see here? I think my problem is that I don’t think I’ve found a niche yet. I don’t know if it’s my writing style (which I happen to like since I write the way I speak – minus my Brooklyn accent.), my love of everything and nothing, my uncanny ability to write about the same topics in almost every post (Believe me, it’s not 100% intentional). I just don’t know. I feel all over the place.

    tell me about it, girlfriend
  3. I’ve been watching that show I mentioned a few posts ago, Big Women: Big Love. I’ll probably be writing about how I feel about it soon. (No question, just letting ya know.)

I’ll stop rambling now.


breaking up is hard to do

I’ve made a decision that was not an easy one to make.

I’m breaking up with Target.

For a while, anyway.

Target has teamed up with Lilly Pulitzer to create a 250 piece line of clothing and accessories which will be launched in April. This line is supposed to be more inclusive and cater to all sizes. Great! Except that the plus size portion of this endeavor will only be available online.

Seriously? Come on.


I don’t particularly like Lilly Pulitzer’s style so this kind of doesn’t bother me as much as it would if someone like Kate Spade had designed a line. However, I am not the only person who shops at Target.


I can’t understand how a company as big as Target can be so prejudiced against a major portion of its buying population. It’s like they’re constantly saying that our money is no good in their store. That’s fine. If my money has no value to you, Target then I just won’t spend it there. The other message that I get from their online only decision is that they would rather not see people like me shopping in their store. Like I shouldn’t be let out of the house. Granted, there are some days that I question my fashion and hairstyle choices, however I don’t feel the need to ever be judged – especially by Target.

I’ll miss wandering around, convincing myself to buy things that I don’t really need. My heart is heavy, but thankfully, so is my wallet.



who is paul mccartney?

You guys, we live in a world where people actually think Kayne West is going to make Paul McCartney famous.




I really can’t deal with this right now.

I could understand if it were a child asking his/her parent who Paul McCartney is. But these are teenagers and probably some adults. I also understand that not everyone listens to his genre of music but doesn’t his name sound familiar? Just a little?


as a heart attack, kanye

Maybe because I was raised by parents who listened to that music. Especially my mom who, when she couldn’t deal with whatever was on my radio stations anymore, put on either a CD of The Beatles or Billy Joel or the Temptations or Diana Ross. Or changed the channel to one that might play these types of people. I don’t know. It’s just mind boggling to me.

Maybe it’s also because I don’t particularly care for Kayne West. Yea, at first it was because of the whole Taylor Swift/Beyonce debacle but, at that point, I still felt bad for him a little. His mom had just passed away, he was drunk (although, I HATE that excuse). Then, he started his antics on Twitter and where ever else he deemed appropriate and I just lost any kind of anything for him.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – I’m glad Biggie isn’t around to see this because none of this nonsense would be going on in the rap world if he were still here. i don’t care if you’re going up, down, sideways on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. all i care about is who is paging me at 5:46 in the morning.


Ok, that veered a little off course. I just needed to get it all off my chest.


fictional lovers!

I have wracked my brain for things to write about for the last few days. I’ve already touched on how my holidays were and how I don’t make resolutions so I was in a bit of a pickle. I went over to Kludgy Mom because she’s got an idea bank chock full of over 600 blog topics. hey, whatever works, right? 

In a fantasy world, forget about spouses and loves, if you could fall in love with a movie or tv character, name 5 you would choose. Not the actors but the movie characters.

So, in no particular order, here we go:

Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl): ok. admittedly, he’s a bit of a manipulative dick. however, he was romantic when he wanted to be. he was expressive and honest to a fault. his suits were on point. and most importantly, HE’S CHUCK BASS. and that’s all that matters.
Favorite Moment(s): when he finds Blair in France and he’s a reformed man (for all of five minutes), when he bought Blair all of her favorite things and told her he loved her, when he saves Lily from Uncle Jack, ughh. i miss this show so much.


Dr. Dan Castellano (The Mindy Project) duh. do i even need to explain this one?
Favorite Moment(s): the reference letter, when he read Bridget Jones’ Diary to Mindy in the hospital, the dancing, the scene on the fire escape (“It’s real”)


Tuck (This Means War) first off, he’s hot. second, he’s a CIA agent. a man of mystery. third, that accent. aaaand i already told Tom Hardy i would have picked him, so might as well add him to the list.
Favorite Moment(s): the carnival/trapeze date, when they bust up the poker game and he pretends to be drunk.

aww. thanks! so are you!
aww. thanks! so are you!

Captain Danny Walker (Pearl Harbor) blast from the past, right? who could resist a man in uniform? especially one from World War II. i mean, classic.
Favorite Moment(s): when he and evelyn hung out in the cockpit… if you know what i mean ;-), when he and rafe team up against the Japanese pilots and do all of that fancy flight work


Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby) ugh. unrequited love. nobody does it better than j.gatz.
Favorite Moment(s): when he and Daisy reunite and he’s a big bundle of nerves, the whole “young and beautiful” montage.

tumblr_mmrbh0vGLM1qg6ai8o1_500And there you have it. This was harder than I thought it would be. I definitely watch entirely too much reality TV.


first post of 2015!

I hope everyone’s New Year was rung in safely and surrounded by people you love. And with booze, lots and lots of booze. Unless you aren’t in to that type of thing. Then I’ll go with cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

I don’t make resolutions so I won’t go on and on about things I resolve to accomplish in 2015. I will, however, wish for myself, my loved ones and all of you (!) the happiest, safest, prosperous, love and laugh filled year ever! Here’s to only good things!

So, from my four favorite Floridians (well, technically three but we can’t forget about Sophia!) and myself…