cool your

cool your jets, b

Ok, so here’s the deal. I have a little less than an hour to write this post. I’m scheduling it because I have to be at work tomorrow way earlier than usual. This post falls into the category of “maybe I shouldn’t post this because I’m not sure of what to say and how to say it” with the sub-category of “maybe you shouldn’t rush this one, Martina.” I’m willing to give it a go. If you’re reading this, I’ll virtually accept that pat on the back. Thanks.

By now I’m sure everyone has seen and/ or has heard about the Superbowl’s Half Time show. Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce. When I first heard that Coldplay was the headliner, I wasn’t too thrilled. I’m just not a huge fan. The Carpool Karaoke James Corden did with Chris Martin helped a little though, to be honest. Then I heard that Bruno Mars was going to show up. I love that pint size Philipino. I’m monitoring Twitter for any updates on a new album; it needs to happen soon. Then it was rumored that Beyonce was going to make an appearance. Here’s the thing…

I don’t like beyonce.

giphy (4)

On top of that, I don’t understand the overall obsession with her. I mean, as we all know I tend to get obsessive with certain things and celebrities also so far be it from me to judge. But, at the end of the day, they’re just people who have faults and I’d probably be the first to point them out. What makes Beyonce so special that she could (hypothetically) slap the Pope and everyone would be like “yaasss Queen B. slayyyyy”?


*cue the angry mob*

Listen, I liked some of her old stuff. I even had Independent Women stuck in my head for a large portion of the day today. BUT. There’s something about her that I just can’t like. I’m all for diva behavior but she just seems too high maintenance, which I don’t understand for two reasons. One, her husband does not give off that vibe at all. One of my favorite viral videos is him on the train headed to the Barclay’s Center and having a conversation with an elderly woman. And two, believe it or not, my uncle has ridden the train with her. At first, I didn’t believe the story, but after I grilled him for more than 20 minutes I decided that he was telling the truth. I had to be sure since he did use to steal my nose all the time. According to the story, she got on and was headed to Brooklyn. She was dressed down but still really attractive. She wasn’t with a ton of security (if any) and she just sat and rode the train, in the seat across from my uncle. So I don’t know where the attitude comes from. She seems extremely fake. She seems like a nightmare to work for. Which, if you know me, makes me crazy. I hate horrible bosses.

My first thought when he name was being thrown around was “really? didn’t she JUST do a half time show?”  Then, a few days before the big game, it came out that she was planning an anti-police performance.

giphy (5)

I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible. First, let’s for a minute take away that she also wanted to perform for the Black Lives Matter movment. I’m just going to focus on the whole anti-police thing because even though they are unfortunately related, the Black Lives Matter cause is not what’s bothering me.

Beyonce – the next time you want to do anything anti-police, please DO NOT demand a police escort. You can’t have it both ways. Think of it this way, Angelina Jolie goes to third world countries to feed children and to help breing awareness to the plight of the people in said countries. I highly doubt that she’s sleeping on a straw mat on the ground, but I also (would like to) believe that she’s not looking for 5 star accomodations either. Also, and I didn’t want to bring this up because there are good and bad cops all over, but you live in New York. You have one of the best (maybe I’m biased) police forces protecting you and your family everyday. Don’t pull that shit. You can take over all the floors of a hospital to have your children, you can drop all of the surprise music videos and albums that you want, but just remember that at the end of the day, you’re just Beyonce. Cool your jets, B.

There’s more to say about her performance and about all of the underlying meanings behind it but it’s past my bedtime already and I think I’ve said what I want to say for now so I’ll end it now and bow out gracefully.

What did you think of Beyonce’s performance? What about the rest of the half time show?

Let’s discuss!


catching flies

I’m at work right now so this will be a quick observation that is too long for a Facebook status , but I feel like I need to keep it somewhere other than in my head more for myself than anything else. It’s nothing prolific and probably won’t make sense but here we go.

At work we were chosen to host a junior high/ high school college fair that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. It’s a pretty big event in that roughly 1000 local students are going to be in attendance.

I found out this morning that although it is being held in our building, it is not our event. Or, more specifically, my boss’s event. She has taken over on logistics and things because she knows the building but really, she has little to no reason to be down in the gym. But where is she?

My boss is a micro manager. Actually, a micro micro manager. Like, we were making balloon trees for the event this morning and she said to me “you know, it’s killing me that we’re not curling the tails on these ribbons.” Yea, and you’re crazy so let’s get this done so I can escape.


The program is through CUNY, which are the city universities of New York. They have brought all of their own people to work, all of the colleges have representatives. This thing is running like a well oiled machine.

Big deal, right?



Uh, yea. Every other event that my boss is in charge of goes to hell in a hand basket. She winds up getting pissed and starts yelling at everyone, making it a good time for all involved.

The point I’m trying to make is that it amazes me that when my boss is not in charge how smoothly things go. When she starts screaming, we all try to please her and wind up running in circles.


Basically, it’s nice to work with nice people. I cannot and probably will never understand why she hasn’t figured out in over 30 years of reign that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

It’s just that simple.


RANT & RAMBLE-maybe it's me

RANT & RAMBLE: …maybe it’s me

When I’m at work I eat lunch by myself. It sounds sad, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, honestly. Because, people. I go in to one of our conference rooms, close the door and for the next half hour I veg out with my beloved Youtube videos. Yesterday, I was clicking around and saw a video from one of the Youtubers I watch all the time. Naturally, I clicked it. It was going to be fun! We’re like best friends who have never met and probably never will. Can’t wait.

The video in question was one where she was announcing that she had a product that we, her followers, could buy.



I know this is the new “thing” now. YouTubers/internet stars getting book deals, travel opportunities, development deals for tons of shit, free products, etc. but I’m not going to lie…


There I said it. I’m all for people following their dreams and being successful. Totally all for it. And I totally get the value of hard work. These people have worked hard to get to this point in their career. But they are also at a point where they are making some sort of money from all of this. And don’t tell me the money is minimal because if you come out and say you have a team of people (PR, agents, etc) it’s a bit more than minimal. Normal people don’t need an agent. You know what’s minimal? An hourly wage like mine.

I started this blog for the most important reason – free things  MYSELF. I truly did. We all know my blog birth story, but for the newbies around here I’ll give you the condensed version. I started to blog because 1) I like to write and have been told I’m good at it. 2) I needed something to be proud of. 3) I wanted to start something and see it through to the end. Not that the end is coming anytime soon. 4). I needed to find a passion. And that’s my story. That being said, would I turn down money making opportunities, free things, production deals etc if they were offered? Absolutely not.


Except none of those offers come my way. Listen, I know my blog has a lot of room to grow. I’ve been blogging for over two years and I don’t even have 200 followers yet. My site stats, although not 100% a teller of success, are stupidly low. I understand that companies want to deal with people who will get their products out there but I feel and look at it this way. If a big company gives their product to a smaller blogger to try and people searching for information on the product come across that small blog, it may equal more followers/interest for that blog. The blog will grow and more opportunities will arise. As for the company, they can also share with the big social media mavens and internet celebrities so that their product definitely gets noticed. WIN/WIN.

On the other hand, I also understand and agree that if you want something, sometimes you have to ask for it. Search it out for yourself. For example, if I wanted to be featured on Thought Catalog or websites similar to it I would have first, write something worthy of one of those sites. Second, I would have to propose my work to them. As much as I want to be on one, have I done the work for it? No. So whose fault is that? I remember a while ago I was talking to my cousin about weight loss and how it felt like everyone around me was losing weight and I felt like a pile of shit because I wasn’t. She said “Listen, if you go out to dinner and everyone around you is getting a salad and grilled chicken and you decide to get a cheeseburger and fries, you can’t be mad when they lose weight and you don’t.” i hate it when she’s right. Same could be said about blogging and getting it out there.

Maybe it’s me. Am I wrong? Do I just not understand how all of this works? Maybe my college education has failed me. I’m sorry if this is whiney, but for some reason I’m in one of those moods again. I think Aunt Flo is getting ready for a visit. bitch. Just bear with me.


flashback friday-1

flashback friday: MTV

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a status from someone who has a 10 year old. The gist of the status was that the kid had asked what the M in MTV stood for. He was told that it stood for music and the child said something like “but they don’t even play music on that channel!” Although totally true, that’s not the most distressing thing that MTV doesn’t play anymore. That status took me on a trip down memory lane.

Shows of MTV’s past, if you will.

I’m all about 90’s nostalgia, but for MTV, the early 2000’s was where it was at. So I’ve compiled a list of shows that MTV should re-run. Possibly even make a whole channel dedicated to. I’m all about those nostalgic channels.

Rich Girls– Summer 2003 was a great one for me. I turned 16, I had a great group of friends (still do, but we were younger and everything is better when you’re younger), My biggest problem was that my feet were too wide to wear Chinese slippers that matched my terry cloth capri outfit. it was a simpler time. The best part of my week was watching this show. Jamie and Allie were the real life, New York Paris and Nicole. They were privileged and spoiled and I loved every minute of it. They were rich versions of me and my friends; smart, but not all the time. Typical teenagers. I recently found out that Jamie lives in the building that Nicole works in, which is great because I could meet Nicole for lunch and pitch a DVD release. #winwin

I was going to add a corresponding gif here, as per usual, but I came across this Buzzfeed article and I couldn’t choose just one so click here for some Rich Girls gems.

Laguna Beach(Season 1) – Ahh the glory days before Kristen hit it big and Audrina landed on this planet. This show was ICONIC. Tell me you don’t still picture LC driving across that bridge, away from Stephen and on to college whenever you hear “She Will Be Loved”. I won’t believe you. Season one was magic because it all went downhill from there. I hated when Kristen took over. LC got wayyyy too philosophical when The Hills started. I actually liked Jason but not enough to keep me invested in the drama.


and sheee willl beeee lovedddd…

The Osbournes – America’s first reality family (except, according to my History of TV professor, that distinction goes to The Louds of PBS, but that was back in the 70’s so does it really count?) I was obsessed with this show! They were hysterical and I wanted to move in with them. Me and SHAAROONNN throwing hams over the neighbor’s fence. It would be fantastic. I could have played their other daughter that wanted nothing to do with production. Just call me Aimee.


My Super Sweet 16 – Guys, I would have killed for a sweet 16. They’re a big deal in Brooklyn; a huge rite of passage. I wanted it all – the dais, the poofy gown, the tee shirt favors, the dancers – the whole 9. What I got was a luncheon and a dress from Sears. que sera. One of the episodes featured a girl from Staten Island who had a Cinderella themed party at a huge catering hall. She also hired the same DJ/dance company my friend’s sister had at her party. So what, right? WRONG. Being such a fanatic of early MTV, I knew that one of the dancers at my friend’s sister’s party was the one and only Prince Charming from that episode (or Prince Charmin’, as he was called the whole. freaking. episode.) so, of course, I HAD to snag a picture( and thoroughly embarrass myself by complementing his eyes, because my flirt game has and always was strong.  Add to that mortification that I’m not even in the picture because I was the one who took it. I can’t even win.



Does Charmin’ look familiar? Yea, he wound up on a recent MTV hit “Are You The One?” #goingplaces.

True Life: I’m Getting Married– this one is a bit of a cheat because it’s just an episode, but it’s one of the best in True Life’s history. Hands down. First, they had a gay couple on, which for 2002/2003, was pretty rare. Second, Charlie and Sabrina. The limo tirade, the tanning, the fight over invitations and directions. They also got married in the same church that my parents did so we’re practically related. The last couple was OK, but the husband needed a good punch in the face after the first commercial break. I looked it up and two out of the three couples are still together. Well, I couldn’t find anything about the gay couple but I think I heard a long time ago that they aren’t together anymore. I really thought it would be Dan and Buria (couple #2) would be the ones to call it quits, but 14 years and 3 kids later, they proved me wrong.

Some honorable mentions:
Real World Vegas
Real World New Orleans (the one with CT)
Engaged and Underage (the pre-cursor to 16 and Pregnant)
Room Raiders

What were some of your favorite MTV shows? What should they add to my dream channel?


Let’s discuss!


a History lesson (2)

a “History” lesson

Another day, another 1D post.

March is rapidly approaching – let me live.

The Fab Five Four released the video for “History” yesterday so, of course, here I am to discuss it in detail. Take a peek and then come back for some dissecting.

First, why didn’t they just put a big X on Zayn’s face? Listen, I know he’s part of their history (ba dum dum), but it’s like they ignored him when he was standing right there. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves when someone is talking about me right in front of me. Like, “she has to go to the post office. are you going to take a ride with her?” “only if she wants me to. maybe I will and then she’ll come to the pharmacy with me.” my roommates parents do that to me all the time. It drives me insane. Anyway, I feel like that’s what they pulled on Zayn. But, out of sight, out of mind -amiright?

Second, I don’t know how I feel about this camera in front of a brick wall and the boys leaning into the camera type of deal. It just makes them look uninterested/uninteresting.

Niall’s glasses, however…


Upon further inspection, I have decided that I really can’t stand the whole brick wall nonsense. First of all, it looks fake. Totally green screened. Nobody could find a brick wall to set a camera in front of and put the boys in between? And what’s up with the lip syncing? I know that’s how you make a music video; I was an avid watcher of Making the Video back in the day, but this shit is bananas.

And that’s about it. I liked the flashbacks of them in concert and conquering the world, but I’ve seen the This Is Us movie so… yea.

Did I get a little sad when they showed their last performance and then when they all waved goodbye and went thier separate ways from that dumb brick wall? I’ll admit I did.

This was by far their most thrown together video and it sucks because there won’t be another one until God knows when. Maybe. But that’s a bridge we’ll cross in 2017.

I wish they would have went out on a high like the Night Changes video, which ties with One Sweet Day for my all time favorites, or at least the Story of My Life video. speaking of “life”, i need one. my birthday is in july. thanks in advance.

Oh well. See you in the tabloids, boys.

What do you think?

Let’s discuss!


snow my God!

snow my God! a weekend recap

Monday, we meet again. I was on the fence about doing a weekend recap since all I did was wait for the snow, watch the snow, and then wish the snow would go away. But, for the sake of posterity, I decided to do one anyway.

Friday I had plans to go to Jessica’s, but Jonas had other ideas. The storm was supposed to start at 3 am Saturday morning. Then, while I was at the Post Office, I made some new friends who told me that they heard it was now supposed to begin between 12 and 2 am. Whatever, I’ll be home in plenty of time either way. My roommates parents had the news on all night and were, quite frankly, driving me nuts about it all. We’re supposed to get 6-12 inches, how bad could it be? The worst will be overnight. I’ll be fine. That’s what I kept saying. When I got the “do you want to reschedule?” text I decided to stay home and see what this storm was all about.

Jonas landed at about 9:30 pm Friday night and pounded right on through midnight Saturday night (technically Sunday morning). christ. 


Saturday I was supposed to go out for Lisa’s birthday but with the snow falling at 3 inches an hour and winds upwards of 45-50mph, she decided to reschedule. good choice. Instead, Nicole came over and we watched Hotel Transylvania 2 and The Intern.

To pad this post a little, I’ll give my thoughts on both movies. HT2 was OK, but I think the commercials made it seem much funnier than it was. Pretty disappointing. The Intern was great. I loved it! Robert DeNiro was the cutest little old(er) man. He made me so sad but in a good way. A mischina, if you will. (mish-keen: an italian slang term usually meaning “what a pity”.) I don’t know why Anne Hathaway gets all the hate she does because she’s perfect for these roles. I hate to typecast actors but if she could pull a Kate Hudson and mostly do these kinds of movies for the rest of her career, I’d be very happy.

Sunday consisted of me helping my mom shovel the car out and make a path for our garbage cans. People who know me that may (or may not) read this are probably calling bullshit because I HATE the snow. Shoveling it, walking in it,hearing about it, ALL OF IT. But I did! I shoveled! Like a big girl!


I heard my neighbor mention that her ruler was reading 30.5 inches. Officially, the weather people keep saying that this was the second biggest storm in NYC’s history. We missed tying for first place by .10 of an inch. Unofficially, that is a shit ton of snow.

Either way, there’s always time for some selfies. Or some snowfies!

That’s my “how can something so sparkly be such a problem?” face.

After shoveling and selfie-ing, I came inside with every intention of reading, but I wound up getting a call from a nap that I just had to answer.

giphy (3)

And that’s about it. Now it’s all about figuring out how to live in a snowglobe. Thank God it’s suppposed to be almost 45 degrees with some chance of rain by Tuesday.


What did you do this weekend? We’re you snowed in?

Let’s discuss!



two hundred

I didn’t plan on posting anything today because I’m too busy freaking out over this Winter Storm Jonas that’s barreling towards the Northeast as we speak. So much for a warm winter. Anyway, I signed on to WordPress and noticed that I had 199 published posts, making this my 200th!

giphy (2)

Two hundred posts in two years – not too shabby. Considering I seriously doubted this blog living to see it’s 6 month birthday. Maybe I am growing up, after all.

It’s officially snowing now so I have to crawl into bed and not come out until Spring. CAN WE HAVE A SNOWLESS WINTER JUST ONCE??


getting on the right track

I use this blog for a lot of things. To share my photos, tell some stories, make people laugh (hopefully!), bitch and moan- you get the idea. I don’t usually make resolutions for the new year because I’d be lying if they get past my lips before I break them or try to bend them. However, I have a lot of events coming up in the next few months that I need to pull myself together for. Weddings, baptisms, showers, that kind of stuff. So I’m going to add another thing to the list of things that I use this blog for and that is:


Not that I’ll 100% remember to post any kind of updates or anything but, hey it sounds good, right?

Seriously though, my plan is really to just to stop eating be aware of what/ how much I’m eating. I’m also going to try to be more physically active. Even if that means taking the steps instead of the elevator at the mall. In all (brutal) honesty, I don’t think I’m ready for a gym right now. I don’t know how to use the machines (lame excuse, I know) and even though in certain situations I don’t really care how I look/ come across but the gym is not one of those situations. It gives me slight anxiety to even think about walking into the gym, hopping on a (insert gym equipment/machine here), and do my thaaang with all of the other gym-goers around. I get especially nervous around guys in those gray sweatpants, but that’s for a different time.

giphy (1)

My last excuse reason that the gym isn’t for me right now is that, frankly, I can’t afford it. Unless I use the gym at work and that’s just not going to happen. I’ve tried it before but I was so bored that I walked on the treadmill for as long as it took me to burn 100 calories and then I left. Of course, since I burned those hundred calories, I thought I was some sort of hero; just like when I took a ZUMBA class.. that ONE time.

So what’s my plan? Well, contrary to popular belief, I enjoy fruits and vegetables. I’m going to incorporate them into my diet more. As a matter of fact, I was craving a salad the other day (#hero), which I squashed by getting sushi. small steps. As for everything else – MODERATION. There’s no reason to either deprive yourself of things you love just like there’s no reason to over do it. I mean, I could live on bread and cheese if that were an option.


I’m what I like to call a grazer. I like to eat real meals, but in-between I like to know that I could snack or graze. A handful of popcorn here, a small bowl of cereal there. It would be fine if I also randomly liked to do 20 jumping jacks to work it off, but I don’t so it all adds up. I also really like yogurt as a snack. When I was younger I used to eat it with Rice Krispies for an after school snack. But that was a looong time ago before yogurt became trendy. Does anyone remember when yogurt wasn’t Greek? Or probiotic? Or when the fruit on the bottom kind was a big deal? Anyway, Chobani has come out with 100 calorie yogurt in all sorts of flavors. Yep. Only 100 calories, just like my trip on the treadmill. Great for them, embarrassing for me. I’m a big fan of the Chobani Flips. I like a little crunch to my yogurt because it makes it feel like more of a treat than a “this is not a cookie” kind of thing. However, the Flips aren’t 100 calories. Enter the Chobani Simply 100 Crunch. perfecto! You can check out all of the flavors here and there’s a coupon so now you have no excuse not to check it out!

As I said above, I have to also start moving more. Since going to a proper gym is basically out of the question, I have to figure ways to get myself going. I want to invest in something like a Fitbit so that I can track my daily movement or lack thereof. Because fitness is not my forte, it is sometimes hard for me to think of fun ways to burn calories. And by fun, I mean things that won’t make me feel like I’m ready to die. Luckily, Chobani has provided me with some ideas that I would love to share with you, just in case we’re in the same boat.


I honestly didn’t know there were so many ways of burning 100 calories. I slaved away on a treadmill, bored out of my mind when I could have been walking around Target? If I could just stay away from Starbucks, I could get rid of at least 500 calories, because who spends only 38 minutes walking around Target? And really, is there a better way to clean than dancing around while doing it? 20 minutes of dancing and dusting and you’re saying #byefelicia to another 100 calories and a hayy girl to a clean house so, bonus! Giving Richard Simmons a run for his money, no?


What are some ways you got/ keep yourself on track? I need all the suggestions I could get!

Let’s discuss!



rolling in the carpool karaoke

Hello, it’s me. My mood has considerably lightened so I decided to come back on here and talk about what happened the other night on the telly.


James Corden has done it again! He did a Carpool Karaoke with the Queen herself, Adele. It was, as expected, wonderful and I wanted to share it with you. As if you haven’t seen it or for whatever reason forgot how to use YouTube.

I was going to, in the tradition of the One Direction carpool karaoke segment, write down my thoughts as I watched. But honestly, and this would have worked for 1D also, all I can come up with is this:


Again I have to ask, HOW IS SHE SO EFFORTLESS? I’m sorry but I don’t think Beyonce could sound that good, be that chill and down to earth if put in the same situation. I know I’m alone here. Moving on.

I loved that she had no idea that James is a singer himself, a rather good one too! I also loved that when she was really into it and doing her thaaang, he stepped back and came in when it was appropriate. Unlike what I would do and try to match wits with her, vocal chord to vocal chord. As if I don’t say it enough, I really can’t wait until I meet her and we become best friends. I would love to have a few glasses of wine with her and see what trouble we could get into. And I don’t even like wine; that’s how dedicated I am to making our friendship work.

My favorite part though came when she SKILLED the Nicki Minaj rap. Just another reason for us to be best friends. I can rap Biggie like nobody’s business. Red and black lumberjack, with the hat to match, B I double G I E skillz. I wonder if I could add that to my resume.


What did you think of Adele’s carpool karaoke?

Let’s discuss!



call the waahhmbulence

Have you ever been in one of those moods where everything just bothers you? I know I’m not alone here so I’ll just imagine all 3 of you nodding your heads. Anyway, I’ve found myself in one of those moods lately and as much as I really don’t enjoy blatantly complaining on here (true story: i’m not 100% sure if i’m kidding with that sentence or not), Facebook has reminded me that I haven’t posted in 5 days so I figured, why not?

To make it easier on myself, I’m going to list my first world annoyances instead of just rambling on about them paragraph by paragraph. as if that’s not going to happen anyway.

  • my job is annoying the ever-loving piss out of me. i know, i know – it’s the same story all the time i hate my job but i’m trying to get a new one. new year new me, bitches! whatever. this week has been torture. i wasn’t feeling well monday night but still decided to go in on tuesday, which was a mistake. i kept looking for corners to hide away in. which maybe would have slightly worked if i worked with normal people. who don’t look for me EVERY FIVE SECONDS. listen, i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a million times – i know that i’m not alone in my hatred of my job, my annoying co-workers, etc. however, it’s my blog and i’ll whine if i want to. a quick example – one of the events we hold for our students is the spring fling. it used to be winterball but all of a sudden that changed. i don’t ask questions. so i was tasked with the tickets. start to finish. i designed them, printed them, cut them and tomorrow i’ll bag them up so they’re ready to sell. today i was in the middle of cutting them out when my director comes over to me and says “oh! i don’t want you to cut your finger!” i finished the cut with the guillotine style paper cutter that must have come over on the arc with noah. i looked up for a second and she steps next to me and says “can you help me scan this to my email?” my co-worker was LITERALLY (the dictionary literally, not the basic bitch literally) sitting RIGHT THERE. she is more than capable of helping you scan something. my director has this thing where if she asks you to do something, you have to do it completely. meaning, if she gives you something to take from her office downstairs to make a copy (don’t get me started) and your co-worker happens to be going up to her office, you cannot ask your co-worker to save you a trip and bring up the copies. it drives me nuts. in addition, my night manager is still a condescending, rude jerk. i CAN.NOT take him anymore.

giphy (37)

whine, whine, whine. ramble, ramble, ramble.

  • i signed on to twitter this morning and the first thing that popped up was a tweet from MTV that said a “source” confirmed that One Direction is really breaking up. i probably shouldn’t include this one because i feel like if i write about the four lads from Lo(ver there, across the pond) again my blogging card and my “adult” card will be revoked. except i think it’s pretty obvious i got my adult card from the same guy who chalked everyone’s IDs in high school. how about this, “source”- let them go on break first and then we’ll see if they come back.

if you love something, set it free…


they officially start the hiatus in march, contrary to my previous falsely reported date of sometime this month. whatever. it just wasn’t something i wanted to see being already miserable at work.

  • why do all of my favorite shows keep getting cancelled? i know i watch entirely too much television, but i feel like everytime i turn around another one is cancelled. rizzoli and isles is done after the next season, mob wives just start its final season (i’m going to miss those women so much.), and i just found out that mike and molly was cancelled.


  • lastly, for this post anyway, POWERBALL. what the hell, man? the lottery gods just couldn’t throw me a bone? i can’t even say “oh, we all deserve to win” because let’s be real, when it comes to lotto, it’s every man for himself. i had so many plans for that money. ugh.


First World problems, I definitely know.

Can we quickly talk about how I missed the memo about National Sticker Day? 7 year old Martina who carefully curated every sticker in her Lisa Frank sticker book is throwing the biggest tantrum right now.

What’s annoying you lately?

Let’s discuss!


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