One Direction, Adele and Miranda

Woof. It’s been a big two(ish) weeks. For no other reason except One Direction and Adele released albums a week apart from each other. If you’ve been here for a while and thought it might have been for any other reason, you obviously haven’t been paying well enough attention. Last year, when 1D released Four, I wrote a post listing some of my favorite songs. This year I’m going to do the same but also include my favorites from Adele’s album. I’m sure you don’t mind.

First, I should probably say that I love both albums and think they’re both amazing in their own rights. But like any good parent or teacher, I have my favorites.

giphy (16)

Just kidding. I’m sure teachers can’t play favorites. It must be in their contract or something.

OK, One Direction. This album, to me, has a very… vintage (?) feel to it. They even recorded some parts at Abbey Road. I mean, the Beatles. I like the direction (ha! pardon the pun) they went in with this album. It’s a bit slower, more grown-up. I hesitate to use mature because I feel like some Negative Nelly will have something to say. Anyway, my favorites.

We all know how much I love Perfect so that goes without saying. But there are other standouts on the album.

If I Could Fly – When I first heard this one it reminded me of when the Backstreet Boys let Nick sing all of I Need You Tonight on the Millennium album. Why? Because Harry sings the first verse and for some reason I equated that he’s the youngest of the group and so is Nick. I don’t know, it worked in my head. Weirdness aside, this song is really pretty. Like, really pretty. It’s also very versatile. At first listen you think, “wow. harry is finally opening up to me.” Then you listen again and you think “oh. maybe they just miss their mamas.” Either way, beautiful song.

Olivia – This is one of the songs recorded at Abbey Road. This one definitely has a Beatles feel to it. It also incorporates a bit of Willy Wonka so how bad could it be? On Youtube One Direction released a video series going over each song on the album. Harry said “Olivia” could be anyone or anything. IT could be a time or place that you don’t want to forget. He says it with a cheeky grin, which I learned from watching recent interviews of theirs, means there’s something he’s not telling us. I’ve also heard elsewhere that it may be about Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia Benson. (damn it. i told myself not to mention her.)


Walking in the Wind – Ok, I told myself numerous times not to mention Taylor, BUT if there was any song even loosely based on the Haylor relationship on this album, it’s this one. They can’t escape each other. I mean, it’s like dating a co-worker. Again, it’s a pretty song. If nothing else, this album has great choruses (hooks?).

Now Adele. She came back with a vengeance. She has said this is less of a break up album and more of a make up album. I’ll take it.

When We Were Young – I’ve included the video for this one twice already so I won’t include it again. My love for this song runs deep. Usually, I can piece together parts of a song and sort of relate to it and then move on. I just can’t quit this song. It reminds me of someone who looks like a movie and sounds like a song (well, movie – yes. song – don’t think so). Also, I AM mad I’m getting older, but that’s a different post.

Water Under The Bridge – Another great chorus (hook?). I wonder how Adele’s boyfriend (husband?) feels about her still writing songs that refer to past relationships. I know with this album it doesn’t matter since they’re all pretty much “ya lost me, loser” songs. Just a thought.

All I Ask – Bruno Mars co-wrote this song so, of course, GOLD. I could definitely hear Bruno doing this song also. Maybe for the remix? Speaking of Bruno- where you at, boo? If this one, and the two songs above got together and made a baby, that song child would be a song essentially made for me. I never get emotional at songs, or anything, really, but this song made me get so heavy on my way to work the other day I had to just turn it off. Then I felt ridiculous and blamed it on the fact that I was on my way to work and just didn’t want to be. And Aunt Flo is coming to town. I blame that bitch for everything. Mostly because she deserves it.

I’ve decided that Adele and I should be best friends. So, Adele, the next time you’re in New York let me know. We’ll do coffee. Or tea at the Plaza because, damn it, we’re classy.

giphy (17)

My anglophelia has gotten so out of control lately because, naturally, I can’t just watch one or two One Direction or Adele interviews, I have to watch all of them. ALL OF THEM. I’ve also become a fan of Miranda Hart. So in-between 1D and Adele interviews I’m watching Miranda (the TV show and her interviews) and Call the Midwife. I wouldn’t be so concerned except that now my thinking voice has a British accent. I’ll be walking through something in my head and the voice is definitely not mine. The crazier (i know) thing is that the voice switches from kind of posh to sort of not posh. For example, I’ve noticed Harry (and Miranda) say THink and THrough (something I don’t do), but Louis (and Adele) say Fink and Frough.


We all know that’s not going to happen so here are some Miranda gifs.



Anyway, this has unraveled quite quickly so I’ll just stop this here. No, really.

Waht did you think of the new One Direction and Adele albums? Any standouts?

Let’s discuss!


co-worker convos

91% of the time, I hate my job. Then conversations like this happen and I realize it’s not so bad.

Co-worker 1: I spoke to (the director) about it and as of now, we’re open Easter Sunday.

Co-worker 2: Oh please. That lady needs Jeee-zus. My church has Jesus, but I don’t think He’s at whatever church she goes to.


Then, a short while later…

My co-worker and I were looking at the worst dressed from the AMAs and One Direction made the list.

Me: How could they be considered one of the worst dressed?

Co-worker: Well look at your boy there. (pointing at Harry) He messed everything up.

Me: (covering Harry) See? They aren’t so bad. They look good, actually. Like, really good.

Co-worker: Yea, well. You should have spoke to him and told him not to wear that it brings down the rest of the group!


And that was my afternoon yesterday. Which was a follow up to trying to avoid as much Christmas decorating as I could all morning. Because IT’S NOVEMBER. I ain’t got time for Santa Clause. i didn’t mean that, Santa. you know I love you. how’s that good list looking?



a very british friday five!

GUUUUYYYSSSS- I had so much to write about this Friday. HAD. I forgot it all. I need to start writing things down. I’m going to try to dig deep into my Swiss cheese brain and put together everything I’m loving this week.

  1. One Direction’s latest album came out a week ago. They all sound amazing but Harry and Liam slayyy on this album. There’s been rumors that this is their answer to Taylor’s 1989. And, no, I wasn’t the one who started them. Honestly, I give the people who think of/notice these things a ton of credit. Where do you find the time? Don’t get me wrong – I looove overanalyzing celebrity relationships but I think I have to draw the line at combing over each song line by line, comparing it to what Taylor wrote. I also think they put things in songs to rile the fans up. those jokesters.

1a. This tweet made me so happy. I can’t deal.



2. Speaking of British musicians, Adele’s (much anticipated) album came out today. Target has three extra songs on their version so I guess I’m making a Target run today.



I know I included this video in my last post but I just love it. I love her whole attitude, like I’m here to tear shit up. LET’S GO. #getitgirl

3. My mom started watching Call the Midwife on Netflix and wouldn’t stop talking about it so, always one to follow the crowd, I started it too. If you don’t know what it’s all about, it’s set in the late 50’s at a convent in London’s East End. It’s follows the story of a young midwife who is new and not used to living in/around poverty. It’s based on a true story. I’m doing a horrible job of describing it so just take my word for it. It’s a little slow if you aren’t used to PBS originals, but all of the characters are likable which is really nice. Oh, and guess who plays one of the nuns- Pam Ferris. You may know her as THE TRUNCHBULL.


4. Lisa and I went into the city last week, Friday to be exact. We had just started to hear about what was happening in Paris. On the corner of 6th Avenue and 51st Street (? it was a block away from Radio City) I came across this statue. I took more pictures that night but I think this one is relevant and the others can wait.


I’m not going to talk about Paris or what else is going on in the world because, quite frankly, it scares me. I know it scares everyone but I just can’t think about all of it right now. They say to not live in fear and to carry on with your life, which will make the bad guys lose. So, if you don’t mind, I’m just going to live in my bubble for right now.

5. I don’t really have a fifth item, or maybe I did but since I didn’t write anything down, I guess we’ll never know. I’m just going to insert a picture of my coworkers and I after the Thanksgiving Dinner event. If you follow me on instagram you probably saw this already. #sorrynotsorry.


As a bonus, here’s a picture in my apron, because I’m so domestic.


Still waiting for my pearls and a martini.

This Sunday are the AMAs – who’s watching? I can’t promise I’ll live – tweet the event but I’ll definitely be somewhere on the internet, lurking.

What’s going on with you?

Let’s discuss!




guys who look like they should be in ads for watches

It’s that time of the year again! (I feel like I say that at least once a month.)  It’s the time where People Magazine crowns their Sexiest Man Alive.

giphy (14)

This year, as I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, the honor was bestowed upon the one and only David Beckham. Posh and Becks are my favorite Hollywood power couple and have been for a long time so I’m abnormally proud of Davey. That, and really, Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper do nothing for me.

giphy (15)

As pleased as I am that David and his tattoos are gracing the cover, I of course, would love to talk about some other men who could easily take the title. If you haven’t figured out by now that this post is simply an excuse for me to oogle the hotties of Hollywood, then you are obviously new here. And if you did figure that out, well, duh. Why did you think I started a blog in the first place? #myblogmyrules.




I tried hard to think of men I haven’t drooled over on here before. Well, not that hard, obviously. I’d really be remiss if I didn’t include my bae, Tom Hardy. I love Tom because he’s versatile. He looks good in whatever way he presents himself. Clean shaven, scruffy, homeless, secret agent – I’ll take them all. Except his Myspace phase. We didn’t forget those pictures, Tommy. Remember, the internet is forever.


I don’t always watch football, but when I do it’s for the Giants (go Big Blue!)so to include a Patriot on this list is making me itch. The Patriots are, and I can say this because I am a Yankee fan, the Yankees of football. They’re arrogant, overpaid and overhyped. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are crybabies. no me gusta. Their only redeeming quality is their wide receiver, Julian Edelman. I don’t know if he’s any good and honestly, I don’t care. I’ll just stare at him in his tight little pants the whole game, thankyouverymuch. 


If you gave up on Grey’s Anatomy when Shonda killed Derek then you might not know who this fine young man is. Unless he came on before Derek met his end – I really can’t remember. Anyway, Giacomo Gianniotti is basically the only thing keeping me invested in that show. He was born in Rome- buongiorno, hotstuff- so he’s got the whole foreign thing going on. Except for my Canadian friends because that’s where he grew up. #proudtobeanamerican.

Apparently my type is “guys who look like they should be in ads for watches”.

I was going to include this in my Friday Five post but who knows if I’ll remember to write it. god, i suck. Anyway, I cannot stop listening to Adele’s new song, When We Were Young. I told myself not to listen, just wait until the album comes out. Yea, ok. I actually found myself swaying to it while I was writing this post. I’ll leave the video here so you can get all obsessed too. you’re welcome.

What do you think? Did I make good choices?

Let’s discuss!


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movie night

Friday Five: movie night!

Happy Friday, friends! As I’m sure everyone is well aware, it’s getting colder out. And what goes with cold weather, besides snuggling by a warm fire because that’s hard to do by yourself. Movies. So today I’m here to talk about four movies that I’m excited for. Four? Martina, this is a Friday FIVE post. Idiot. I know, I know. I have something else to talk about for number five. Chill. coopers

Love the Coopers (November 13, or today) – I love a good Diane Keaton movie. Because I Said So, The First Wives Club, The Godfather. Big fan. This movie is about a family that comes together for their annual Christmas Eve dinner where hilarity and hijinks ensue. It looks like its going to be one of those feel good holiday movies which is fine by me. It is also coming from the makers of The Family Stone, which is also high on my list of favorites (Dermott Mulroney… yaaass, please.


The Good Dinosaur (November 25th) – Yep. I’m 28 years old and it’s a cartoon… and? I grew up loving The Land Before Time; how could I not be interested in this movie? This one is about a dinosaur and a human forming a friendship. As long as everyone’s mama stays alive, how bad could it be?


those aren’t raindrops. they’re the tears of every 90’s kid who had their heart ripped out over that damn asteroid.




Sisters (December 18th)- The last time I was at the movies, almost 150 years ago, they showed a trailer for this movie and it automatically went on my must see list. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are at it again! This time they play sisters (duh) whose parents are selling their childhood home (gasp!) so they decide to throw one more epic house party. I love, love, love Tina and Amy together.  Ike Barinholtz, of Mindy Project fame, is also in this as the “boy next door”/ Amy’s love interest (I think. I’m pretty sure.) CAN’T WAIT.




Dirty Grandpa (January 22) – Zac Efron and Robert DeNiro – yes and yes. The story is this – Zac Efron is rooked into driving his grandfather, Robert DeNiro down to Florida right before his (Zac’s) wedding. Here’s the kicker though. Zac plays an uptight preppy guy, who still looks good without a shirt and in tight pants, and Bobby plays the perverted, fun loving one. I’m just so excited to see Zac Efron not playing a douchey frat boy or DJ. Sign me up!

And finally, my last favorite. Believe me, I definitely saved the best for last.

Remember a few Mondays ago I posted a weekend recap where I went to a baby shower? Well, that baby saw how much fun we were all having and decided to make his appearance a bit early. I met him earlier in the week and oh my God I’m in love. Are you ready for this?


Chase Dominick
Born: October 25,2015


What movies are you looking forward to?

Let’s discuss!


thank you

“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost”- Arthur Ash

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” -Cynthia Ozick

Words cannot express how thankful and appreciative of the men and women who go out there everyday or who have been out there protecting this country and the people in it. Thank you from the top, middle and bottom of my heart – today and everyday.

they work hard for the money.. or do they?

You’ve probably already heard by now that Rebel Wilson came out and said she declined an offer to present an award with the Jenner girls at the most recent VMA’s. She said, “It’s not that I hate any of then individually, but it’s just just that everything they stand for is against everything I stand for. And they’re not famous for talent. I worked really hard to get where I’ve gotten to.” That was last week. This week, Oprah has come out and said that she believes they actually do work hard. I saw this article on Buzzfeed where she says that she and her team followed them around for 7 hours along with the Keeping Up with the Kardashian team. After Oprah left, the KUWTK team stayed for another 7 hours. HELLO? This is reality television. I’m not saying that being filmed for 14 hours is easy, but I could definitely think of worse things to be doing for the same amount of time.

Rebel Wilson also made mention that Kim Kardashian got famous from a sex tape when Rebel went to acting school and put in work; she did her time, so to speak. I feel two ways about this. Kim K never claimed she was an actress so although I know where Rebel is coming from, it’s a little bit null and void. I also know not to take what Rebel said quite so literally. However, if it weren’t for the sex tape and her mother, Kimmy would probably still be Paris Hilton’s assistant – if she even needs one anymore.


I know Kim’s father was one of OJ’s lawyers but it wasn’t until after he died that they even came out of the woodwork. Honestly, I didn’t even put the two together until about 5 years ago. How come Kris or any of the kids didn’t capitalize on their last name before? If we’re being real here, I would have had signs made to wear around my neck “Famous person’s daughter. Give me things.” And if we’re being really real here, I think Kris has her hand in leaking the video. Or is this old news? Moving on.

All of that being said, let me be fair. It takes a lot to be ON all the time. I definitely do not envy what Khloe is going through with Lamar. Even though she’s asked for privacy when it’s needed, there’s cameras and paparazzi all over them. I also give Rob a ton of credit for saying enough is enough when he needed to be out of the limelight and get himself sorted. However, they signed on for all of this. Maybe not the paps and fleas like Harvey from TMZ invading their privacy, but no celebrity signs on for that. Other celebrities also don’t alert the media every time they go to the bathroom.

If you’ve noticed, I am trying to conveniently leave the Jenner girls out of this. I know that’s who Rebel Wilson was essentially talking about in the first place, but I think they get lumped in with the others and it kind of isn’t fair. In my opinion, they aren’t trying to ride on the Kardashian name to further their careers. Or at least Kendall isn’t. Kendall is doing her own thang. And why shouldn’t she? She’s young and gorgeous therefore she’s got 2-5 years before she has to worry.


Kylie, well, hopefully she marries rich.


What do you think? Do you think the Kardashians work hard or hardly work? Or am I just being an ignorant, bitter hatter? (like usual)

Let’s discuss!


santa drama!

We are now officially in that time of year where everyone forgets that Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, but Christmas is coming so let’s just prepare now. That means, of course that malls all over the country have started to or have already set up their pictures with Santa area. As you probably know, these areas are usually decorated like Santa’s living room. A fake fireplace, a snowy window, his chair – unless it’s Brooklyn, 1987 and Santa is sitting on his stoop.

santa copy

Yesterday my Facebook newsfeed was becoming inundated with posts and shares about the Simon company’s decision to “re-vamp” Santa’s area and make it look like, I don’t know, something between a spaceship and a snowy cave. It’s not pretty. Or maybe I should say it’s not festive.


*this setup is from the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island. i assume this setup is Simon mall-wide. also, the picture is linked to the article where it came from; just click on it to go there.

Their reasoning, from what I heard, is that they didn’t want to offend the people who don’t celebrate Christmas.

So.. by all means, offend the people who DO celebrate Christmas?

Listen, I know you can’t please everybody, but that was just plain stupid. Instead of taking things away, like Christmas trees and cozy living room sets, why don’t you add other things around the mall to include all (major) holiday celebrations? Needless to say, there’s been a boycott of the mall. Honestly, if I shopped there more than 5 times in my whole life, I’d boycott it too. According to what I’m seeing on the news and on Facebook right now, they’ve started to take down Santa’s cave and, I assume will put up last year’s decorations. social media, man. it’s a real game changer.

Mr. Simon, let me point out that Santa Clause is NOT a religious figure. Saint Nicholas IS, however. Now, before you start telling me it’s all the same, it actually isn’t. First of all, Saint Nicholas was a real person doing real things. Saint Nicholas was named the patron saint of children (among many other things) because when the Dutch people came to America they told stories of him giving gifts to the children. i’m sure that makes no sense so click here to watch the video or read up on his history. Secondly, Santa Clause has nothing to do with the birth of Christ or the church, which is the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. Is everybody with me? Hope so because I’m losing myself here. I think my point is that although Santa Clause is associated with Christmas, if you break it all down, he’s not the reason why we celebrate. Like dreidels for Hanukkah. Or, to get all SATs up in here, Santa Clause is to Christmas like dreidels are to Hanukkah. To go one even further, Jesus Christ is to Christmas as Judah Macabee is to Hanukkah. i really hope my point is getting across because i feel like i’m digging my grave deeper and deeper on both ends.

I don’t understand how having Christmas trees and other seasonal decorations can be considered offensive to someone who doesn’t celebrate the holiday. If the other holidays had a specific figure to represent them that the mall refused to acknowledge, I could understand being offended. I could also understand people getting offended if a manger was set up because that’s really bringing religion into the situation. How about this – like I said before- figure out a way to include all major holidays. For example, Santa’s living room in one area, huge dreidels in another and a big cornucopia for Kwanzaa. I wouldn’t get offended if I walked into my mall and saw any of those things. Or how about this – stop with the Christmas overkill. For every garland with red and gold balls on it put up one with blue and silver or black, green, yellow and red. It really isn’t that hard. If the idiot (me) who wrote this rambling post can offer suggestions, I’m sure the professionals have even better ones. But then again, the professionals got themselves into this mess in the first place.

What do you think? Just leave comments and we’ll discuss the whole situation!



the end?

With only a week left until their newest album comes out, One Direction released another song from the album today. They’ve said it’s one of their favorites and I could totally see why. Here’s the song with lyrics. one stop shopping over here.

At first, I assumed that this song was, again, about Harry and Taylor because God forbid I let that die. So I was pretty excited. More dirt, more unrequited love.


Then I Googled around a bit and read that it was a song for the fans. Whaaat? No. It’s about Harry and Taylor. How could it not be? They are both obviously still hurting after ending a three month relationship three years ago. Let me listen again. Oh God.

giphy (12)

We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen / You and me got a whole lot of history / So don’t let it go, we can make some more, we can live forever.


Their hiatus hasn’t even started and I miss them already.

Minibars, expensive cars, hotel rooms and new tattoos, good champagne and private planes But we don’t need anything Cause’ the truth is out, I realize that without you here like there’s just a lie This is not the end This is not the end We can make it you know it, you know

This CAN’T be the end. You guys will still grace the pages of rag magazines, right? Maybe do an interview or two? i’m mostly looking at you, harry.

What do you think of the new song? Do you think this is the end?

Let’s discuss!


the shots cover

the shot i didn’t take

It was mid-May. One of those days where in the shade it’s cool and breezy, but in the sun, you schvitz. I was on West 49th Street near the corner of 6th Avenue. It had been a long day already. It was the day Lisa and I had walked from Harlem through Central Park to Rockefeller Center. It was crowded; summer was coming. The sun was setting and my feet were tired. It was time for a cupcake. In the crowd of people I noticed a woman dressed in tattered clothing, obviously homeless. Using the crowds to her advantage, she asked for money. She may have asked for other things but, being the seasoned New Yorker that I am (stop laughing, Lisa) I ignored her and stepped into the sugar sanctuary that is Magnolia Bakery.

Armed with sugar and the promise of caffeine, I braved 49th street again. This time, I noticed that the woman asking for money was sitting against the building. She looked sad, like she was a child being admonished for something. In front of her knelt a woman dressed like a 90’s mom. She was face to face with the homeless woman, holding her hands. I heard her say, “what did I tell you about doing this?” She said something about getting help. Apparently they had met before. The street was still crowded with no place to stop. Sidestepping our way down the block to an open space, Lisa turned to me and said “Why didn’t you get a picture of that?” My excuses were lame, “My hands are full and I couldn’t get to my camera.” “I’ve been taking pictures all day. All I want is this cupcake and to sit for five minutes.” The shot I didn’t take.

The truth? I didn’t take the picture for two reasons. One was that I legitimately couldn’t get to my camera in time. There were people everywhere. I’m generally a hot mess. The second, and more important reason was that I felt like I’d be invading their privacy. Whatever moment they were having was so intimate that I didn’t want to interrupt it. Did I miss an opportunity, or as Lisa puts it an “award winner”? Yea, probably. Do I regret it? Definitely. The shot I didn’t take.

Ok, Martina, let’s get this train into the station.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. It got away from me, I didn’t know what to say, am I capable of posting something without using gifs? Most importantly, how was I going to write something about a picture without having a picture to show? The internet works in mysterious ways and over the past day or two I have seen posts (from Allison & Heather) talking about putting down our phones and cameras, taking off our blogger hats and just live in the moment. In a way, that’s where I tried to go with this, but I got caught up with the CMAs, YouTube and Sam Hunting.

giphy (10)

Bottom line: In life there’s always going to be a shot you didn’t take. Moving for that dream job, asking that cute guy/pretty girl for their number (ugh. that’s a whole ‘nother post.), literally not taking a photo of something you wanted to remember forever. Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe it means we’re living our lives the way we’re supposed to. We’re on the right track and we’re enjoying the view. Taking it all in. Living in the moment.

What shot didn’t you take?

Let’s discuss!


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