TV Tuesday – DWTS

Did everyone watch Dancing with the Stars last night? You should have. Especially for the glorious spectacle that was Nick and Sharna’s dance. (Nick being Nick Carter of BSB, if you didn’t know.)
I felt like I was back at one of their concerts. i’m already making plans to get tickets for whenever they’re in my area. It was amazing! And AJ was there for moral support! He even brought along other boy banders like Joey Fatone, Jeff Timmons, and 3 out of 5 members of O-Town. Ashley Parker Angel was not one of them, in case you were wondering.

I’ll just going to leave this Tumblr gifset here for your viewing pleasure.

The pelvic thrusts! The shimmying! The BSB thriller move! swoon.

I also found the video in case you totally missed it. Or just want to watch it again. Let me know, I’ll watch it with you.

Ok, so the video quality sucks and I’m thinking they took the song out because of copyright, but it’s a classic, you probably have it stuck in your head right now.

everyybodaayy (yeahh)
rock your bodaayy
everybodaayy rock your bodaayy right.
Backstreet’s back, alright!

Are you throwing your hands up in the air and waving them around, like you just don’t care (yet)?

Did you watch? Whose was your favorite dance of the night? I also really liked Bindi and Derek. Speaking of Derek, where can I get me one of him? Is there a catalog? come to mama.

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month of awareness

October is, among other things, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. the more you know.

About three years ago, one of the people who works in the medical school area of my job decided to honor the month with a photo installation. She went around to all of the departments and took pictures of its members wearing purple, the color of domestic violence awareness. If you didn’t have any purple on, she had you covered. She lugged around a box of scarves, hats, brooches – all purple, all the time.

Emails were sent out inviting the whole campus to have their picture taken and where she would be during the day to do so. I was coming out of my building one day and bumped into the “Purple Posse”. They asked if I would like to have my picture taken. Not one to pass up a photo opportunity, I threw on a scarf and smiled big.

The photos were edited and hung down the hallway leading to the cafeteria, passed the President’s office. The big leagues. It really looked great. She was able to get some students, various people from offices all over campus, and even some of the big wigs. The ones that can’t take five minutes to come over and renew their gym lockers. muy importante.

Here’s mine. Excuse the blurriness, I had to take a picture of my picture and I was probably in a rush, meaning the cafeteria must have just put out their chocolate chip cookies which are delicious and extremely limited. 


Fortunately, I’ve never been a victim of domestic violence and feel that it is safe to say that no one in my immediate circle has either. I know I’m lucky, especially since so many aren’t. Every situation is different and people deal with things in their own ways so don’t think I’m being a Judgy Judy or Preachy Patty or (worse) a Better than you Betty, but personally, should I ever be in a situation where I am being abused, trust and believe that I will not hesitate to pull a Farrah Fawcett in Burning Bed and torch the bastard. don’t test my gangster. 


So, while you’re enjoying everything else October has to offer (Breast Cancer Awareness, Halloween, foliage, pumpkin spice everything), take a minute to throw on a purple scarf and think about those who maybe aren’t so lucky. Those who got out. Those who burned that shit to the ground. (hopefully not literally.)

Since I’ve depressed everyone already, I also found out that October is Anti-Bullying Month. I felt like I should add this because 1) what are domestic abusers? Bullies. And 2) If you haven’t seen it yet, the documentary, “Bully” is one hell of a movie. Movies don’t make me cry. Except Beaches, once. This movie made me openly sob.  This one kid in the movie, I think his name is Alex, was told by the bully that he was going to get killed. All he did was ask someone to be his friend. His parents went to the (assistant?) principal and tried to help him. She foo-fooed them and then showed them pictures of her newborn grandson. Did I mention I sobbed? 

I wasn’t a victim of bullying. (if you haven’t figured it out, i had a pretty good childhood). I was bad at sports so sure, I was laughed at and talked about in gym class, but there was never, ever  a time where I was physically assaulted or verbally abused. Honestly, I don’t think my teachers would have tolerated it. Because of this, I have absolutely no tolerance for bullies. It’s just not OK. The only problem is I encounter them every day and I have no backbone, but that’s a post for a different day.

I’m not sure how to end this so I’ll just let it fade out. Byeeeee (well, that just brought me back to my AOL profile days)

Anything new with you?

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linky dinkys!

please excuse the title. i’m corny and it’s late.

leo shrug

It amazes me how some weeks I am a fountain of things to say, ideas, pieces of wisdom and general hilarity. Other weeks I’m.. meh. I still don’t have much to say, but I’ve been poking around the internet and wanted to share some things that I’ve found.

The only dairy I take in my coffee is cream, thanks. Also, in New York, the last one they showed is called a Manhattan Special and it’s definitely an.. acquired taste.

If marrying Harry Styles is not in my future, please let my husband be a native Bostonian. I could only imagine our children’s accents.
*the whole video is basically the f bomb and a few other words with extra ahhs. #fairwarning*

Even the best weddings have their sucky moments. There’s no reason to be a bitch about it. Nobody likes a Jealous Jenny.

I’ve been to Bermuda and they don’t play when it comes to making sure their stuff stays where it belongs.
like the time some guy on his honeymoon decided to shove some fire coral down his pants and as it was burning his “anemone”, they arrested him because the coral is protected under law. #insulttoinjury.

Hopefully I’ll have more things to talk about later in the week. Until then, what’s up with you?

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hashtag mindy

Raise your hand if you watched the newest Mindy Project episode at midnight, when it went up.

taylor hand
if you haven’t watched yet, go and do that now and then come back. one, for possible spoilers and two, so we’re all on the same page. ok, are we all good now?

I think, since I can go on for days about this, I’m going to just stick to the highlights. Also, what I’m going to do to try to keep this entertaining, I’m going to search Tumblr for gifsets and then in the tradition of Hashtag Humpday, I’m going to hashtag the shit out of everything. Just go with me.


#beyoncepadthai #warriorname #beyforbaybey
not to be one of those people, but it’s Bonnie and Clyde ’03. Sorry, it was my jam, back in the day. #imsurprisedatyoumindy

Morgan(to Danny): Where have you been? Did you stop for a slice?

#nogif #needone #miserablemeatball #italianslovepizza

#fortheloveofgod #SWOON #damnitdanny #chrismessinaisperfection

#famousleos #leocastellano #imwithmindy #leonardodicaprio #worksbothways #littlewatermelon #myheartmelted

#letsnamehimroary #thegangsallhere

Were there more great little pieces of the episode? Sure. Honestly though, I couldn’t find them on Tumblr and I’m in a bit of a rush. Like Morgan’s face when he first saw the midwives on the train. I cracked up.

Also, let’s pretend that everything is centered. I don’t know why it won’t let me center the Tumblr stuff. #grr

Did you watch? What did you think?

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featured photo 09182015

photo dump: central park, where else?

I’ve had these pictures hanging out, waiting to be posted for a little while now, but I haven’t gotten a chance to actually put it all together. Don’t get too excited, they’re of Central Park – again. I know, let’s all put our shocked faces on. Whatever. It was a nice day, albeit hotter than Hades. This time, Martina and Lisa’s Day of Fun started at the Shakespeare Garden, which is like something out of a fairy tale. Or the English countryside. I assume.


I was too busy running around chasing butterflies, trying to get pictures of them, and failing miserably to get pictures of what was at the top of the stairs. Imagine a round English garden and that’s what’s upstairs. Not that I’m in any kind of situation for this to happen to me, but if I had to list a few places to get engaged, this would be pretty high on my list. take note, boys.

Before we left for the park, Lisa told me she was going to bring a sandwich and have a picnic. The last time we had a picnic in the park, we sat on a bench and watched a Men’s softball game. This time, we’re walking down the path and Lisa says, “Let’s sit here”. I look around and there’s no bench, no men in tight pants. I said, “Where?” “Right there”, she replies, pointing to an open space of grass. She walks over, opens her bag and pulls out a bedsheet, spreads in out, sits down and starts getting her sandwich out of her bag. Thankfully, there was a hot dog vendor nearby so I bought myself a hot dog since I really didn’t believe we were picnicking in the park. From where we sat we had an excellent view of the back of the Belvedere Castle and the trees provided excellent shade.



After we ate, people and dog watched, we started our journey down to the East Side. I keep forgetting that Central Park is basically the Met’s backyard. One day, I’m not going to make myself not look like a subway troll and I’m going to go to the steps of the Met, channel my inner Blair Waldorf, and have lunch. #pagingchuckbass Except I heard that that’s not allowed so I guess a quick photoshoot will have to suffice. Through the trees, I spotted 5th Avenue and like the Ansel Adams that (I think) I am, I stopped and took 400 photos, even making Lisa move the weeds out of my way. #ineedanassistant #thatswhatfriendsarefor


The building on the right is Marymount, which is an extremely Catholic school, or so I was told. Either way, it sure is pretty.

We made our way down past Alice in Wonderland to visit Hans Christian Anderson. Good old Hans. I take the same picture every time we come to see him, but I really don’t care. After we said goodbye to Uncle Hans, we started back on our journey down and out of the park.




Finally, we made it to the Bethesda Fountain. I’ve been trying to get artistic shots of her for a while now and today was no different. What was also not any different was the fact that I still couldn’t nail the shot I wanted. There’s always next time because you know, sure as shit, I’ll be back.




We walked through the mall, got a Hello Kitty ice cream bar, which promptly fell on the ground. Left the park and went over to Columbus Circle in search of a bathroom.

NEW YORKER TIP: DO NOT I repeat, DO NOT use the bathroom at the Starbucks near Columbus Circle. It was filthy and horrible. I actually felt bad for my shoes. So gross. But I was really desperate. I don’t know what that says about me and I’m not sure if I like it.

I was getting dark by the time we were ready to leave so my pictures of Columbus Circle are eh. I’ll have to go back at Christmas time because everything is prettier at Christmas. Wait for it.

We had finally had enough of the heat and humidity so we decided to head home. While we waited for the train I looked down at my arm and it was literally wet from the humidity. Ahhh, Summer in the City.


And that’s that. Now I’m waiting for the mail because Amazon says that Mindy Kaling’s new book will be delivered today. Gotta love Prime!

What’s going on with you?

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midweek random roundup

I probably should have saved this post for Friday since it fits the Friday Five description, but I’m a rebel and play by my own rules.


It’s been a pretty busy week so let’s get started, shall we?

MINDY IS BACK: !! Season 4 premiered on Tuesday and all is right in my world. It was an extended episode and, honestly, I savored every extra second. I won’t say too much because 1) we’d be here all day and 2) spoilers. I mean, I assume there are some people who are not like me and happened to be up early enough on Tuesday and were able to watch the episode before work. before you plaster the big L on your forehead, I was up at 8 and had to be at work for 12. there was more than enough time. Anyway, the episode in a nutshell- Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mindy’s parents, Mindy’s wardrobe, Danny being Danny, Morgan being Morgan, kisses in the rain, and the perfection that is Mindanny. And, of course, Mindy speaking my mind.

THE WAITING GAME: No, I’m not talking about my love life or my job hunt. I’m talking about Kate Spade’s video series with Anna Kendrick. They released a new installment this week and, as usual, it is perfection. I’ve said it many times before, just like everything else on here, but I just want to be Anna Kendrick’s best friend. Is that so much to ask? Also, I want NEED a gnome purse. Doesn’t everyone?

BIRFDAYS: Yesterday was Tom Hardy’s birthday and today is Nick Jonas’. Happy birthday, my little stud muffins.tom beautiful

source: perezhilton

THE SPLAT: It came out this week that Nickelodeon might be making a whole channel dedicated to 90’s Nick. Well, it’s about time. I have a feeling that it will be mostly the cartoons but, small steps. Personally, I hope they also include the game shows and shows like Clarissa Explains it All and Salute Your Shorts. And maybe some old school commercials. The possibilities are endless. Don’t let us down, Nick.


Last, but not least…

THE GOLDEN GIRLS TURN 30: As you may know, I love this show. I can quote it, relate it to everyday life. Lame? Whatever. What’s not to love? It’s older than I am, yet is still relevant today. Which is more than I can say about myself. It tackled taboo issues in a way that, still in today’s world of political correctness, wouldn’t offend anyone (although, you just never know these days.) LOVE.


Oh! a bonus item! because i never have those. Who watches Dancing with the Stars? Nick Carter, hello? I really didn’t have high hopes for this season, with the exception of Nick, but this group is growing on me. I really hope Gary Busey stays on for as long as possible because holy hell that man brings the crazy.


I think that’s about it. This week has been a bit of a fail compared to the non-stop posting last week. Whatever. I’ve come to terms with it.

How’s your week going? Anything new?

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14 years

September 11th is my generation’s Kennedy assassination. I could remember being in the car with Jessica and her mom, so nervous about being late to school. It was the first week of my freshman year of high school so I was a ball of nerves. We were listening to Z100 and I could still hear Elvis, the morning DJ, announce that a plane had hit the World Trade Center and they didn’t know if it was some sort of freak accident or a deliberate attack. I tried to put it out of my head because I had other things to worry about, like navigating through the 2,999 other students to get to class. I finally made it to my math classroom when the fire alarms started to ring. Within minutes, the whole school was back outside. “Does this have something to do with the plane crash?” I wondered. After about 45 minutes of waiting around, we found out that the school had a bomb scare. I found some friends and together we asked a teacher if we could leave. “I can’t tell you to go and I can’t tell you to stay.” he responded. We started to walk home when my friend’s mother pulled up next to us and told us to get in to the car. She dropped me off at home where I tried to call my mom at work. The phone lines were crossed and I kept getting different departments. I turned on the TV and saw that this “plane crash” was all over the news. My mom was finally able to get through. As we were talking, Jessica came pounding on my door. She told me that I couldn’t stay home alone and that her mom would take me to her house. I had no idea what to do, so I went. In the car, I found out that tower one had collapsed. We got back to Jessica’s and sat around the TV for the rest of the afternoon. Images of people covered in dust and debris filled the screen. We watched the buildings fall, people wander aimlessly in total shock, the first responders trying to help whoever they could. Lower Manhattan was a ghost town. It was unbelievable that just across the river all of this madness was going on. My mom came straight to Jessica’s house after work to pick me up. We went home and tried to process what just happened.

In the February following the attacks, I went with Jessica, her mom and her uncle to Ground Zero. Well, we were actually going to the Century 21 that’s down the block, but since we were there and it was open enough to the public, we figured we would take a peek. It was still being cleaned up, bodies/body parts were still being found. There was dust still lingering on some of the buildings. I’ll never forget the bike. It was covered in dust and missing person’s flyers. It must have belonged to a messenger or courier and was attached to a pole, as if it were waiting for its owner to come back for it. The missing persons flyers were everywhere. Smiling faces of people who… well. We passed Trinity Church, which I remember, looked so dark and scary. The air was heavy. Not so much with dust but with sadness. It’s a feeling that I’ll never forget. The city, usually so alive and loud, seemed to just stop.

A few weeks ago, after we paid Taylor Swift a visit, Lisa and I took a walk over to One World Trade. Maybe because the last time I was there it was nighttime, but it felt so bright. Too bright. There were tourists everywhere. Now, you know how I feel about tourists, but this was too much. I think the problem is that the area is too clean now. It’s too sparkly and flashy, which makes it hard to believe or remember that anything bad happened here. It looks like another one of New York’s famous landmarks, which I guess it sort of is now, huh? I think whoever planned this out did a lovely job, but it’s New York and it needs some grit. Maybe if there was something (other than the museum) to keep people grounded and put things into perspective, it would be a little better. Maybe they should have figured out a way to keep the bike there. I’m sure it was taken away a long time ago, long before the area became all shined and prettied up. Then again, with all of the visitors that come it would probably get lost in the shuffle and its significance would basically be nothing. Because let’s face it, there could be all the signs and staff in the world offering information, but people are going to read and hear what they want to read and hear.  Lisa and I, quite frankly, couldn’t afford to go up to the Observation Deck (but it’s definitely on my list of things to do) or down in to the museum so we just passed through the hoards of people to get to the reflection pools. This is where I get a little annoyed with my tourist friends.

Maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker. And maybe because of that I can’t separate myself or be unbiased. The reflection pools were surrounded by people. Cool, until it wasn’t. These people were taking selfies and letting their kids stand on the ledge of the pool. I don’t want to be that Touchy Tammy who shits on someone’s vacation but show some respect. The reflection pools were built in the footprints of the Twin Towers. So, again, not to piss on anyone’s good time, you are essentially letting your kid stand on someone’s final resting place. #sorrynotsorry Maybe I shouldn’t say anything because I was there taking pictures too, but I wasn’t making the Freedom Tower my selfie backdrop and I sure as hell had my feet on the sidewalk.

About a week ago I saw someone from high school post a Facebook status that 9/11 should be a national holiday. Sorry (not really), but I’m going to have to disagree. September 11th should be remembered and treated with respect. It should not be an excuse to get a day off from work. It should also not be another day for stores to make a profit on. I could wait for October and it’s lovely Columbus Day sales. Thanks for discovering America, Chris. And also for this 30% discount on these fabulous shoes! #hypocritemuch?

Have you been to the Freedom Tower? September 11th as a national holiday – yay or nay?

Let’s discuss!


to self host or not to self host?

This is going to be a quick post, I promise. You guys know I finally decided to self-host this lovely little place on the internet. I made this decision, as I’ve said before, because in doing so everything I post here will be owned by me. I am most concerned with my photos. I’m no Annie Lebovitz, but still they’re mine and I’d like to keep it that way. Unless I’m totally misunderstanding the meaning of self-hosting, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

I went back and forth with which company to use. I looked into GoDaddy, Blue Host, e-host, and some others. I Googled for a few days, made pro/con lists, agonized over the situation. That may sound dramatic, but this was something I only wanted to do once so I had to make sure I was making the right choice. I looked into the hosts that WordPress recommends, Blue Host and Siteground. Without going into the boring details, I went with Siteground and I am very happy.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit neurotic when it comes to big decisions. I need every question answered, every fear assuaged. Siteground has excellent 24/7 customer service. I know this because I was live chatting with them at 1am, asking them about billing. Who needs sleep? I HAVE A BLOG TO RUN. That’s the other great thing about them. Live chat. No pesky phone calls!

phone hammer


I don’t know anything about coding or HTML so that was another thing that was freaking me out about this decision. Luckily, Siteground did all of the work for me. I also downloaded WordPress. This is standard with self-hosting (look at me, talking like I know things). With this, you are able to add plug ins to your site. One of the plug ins I use and really like is JetPack. Their customer service is amazing also. They too have been a victim to my neurotic “WHY ISN’T THIS WORKING? HELP ME. I THINK I BROKE IT!” emails. Then we laugh about what a psycho I am. All in good fun.

Another reason I went with Siteground was price. I felt that, compared to the other sites I was looking at, they were very reasonable. Like some of the other hosts, they offer a WordPress package. It’s $3.95 a month for a year. After a year it goes up to $9.95 a month. Still not too bad. That’s for the StartUp package. With that I get 10GBs of space, email, and can have up to 10,000 monthly site visits. Honestly, if I ever had a month where I had that many site visits, I think I’d die.

I’m going to include my referrer link right here. If you click that and sign up I could get 3 months free! So, please click and sign up! I really do like Siteground and would recommend them even if they didn’t ask me to.


Jenny knows what’s up

This is going to be a really quick bonus Jonas post.

I was going through my reader and saw that the hilarious Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, had made a post about the “death” of blogging. I just wanted to share a quick quote from that post.

Except I guess it’s not really the end because now that I’ve brought up the question of whether blogging is dead I’m probably expected to flesh it out.  Except that readers here know I never flesh anything out properly so I suppose I’m off the hook.  Which is exactly what blogging is all about.  It’s about writing whatever crazy shit you want to write and having some people say “YES!  I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE” and some say “What the shit is wrong with you?” and 99.99% of the world say nothing because they don’t know I exist.  And that is blogging.

If you’ve been around long enough and have maybe gotten a comment or response from me, it will probably read something like, “OMG you too?” so I know exactly what Jenny is saying. Every blogger knows exactly what Jenny is saying. Except when she says that 99.99% of the world doesn’t know she exists. Homegirl has two books out. She’s definitely on the world’s radar, in the best way possible.

If you haven’t checked her out, you should. She keeps it real and is so funny. Like, actually smiling when you’re reading, funny. She probably doesn’t need me to send people over but hey, I’m a nice person. However, if she sees this and wants to send people here, I’m ready and would be so greatful!



lessons from the working world

I can’t believe how many posts I’ve scheduled to be put up this week. I’ve never felt more productive. I feel accomplished. I feel like I’m finally doing something right. I feel like I need a nap. Before I go and rest my eyes, I want to quickly talk about an email I got last week. The team over at The Ladders contacted me to see if I wanted to talk about my first job and what I learned from it. I was a little hesitant because I’ve only really had one job. And it’s not even a good one. But, they were nice enough to invite me to the party so I figured I could at least try.

First, a little about The Ladders: (from their website)

TheLadders is a comprehensive career resource dedicated to advancing professionals’ careers.

Founded in 2003, TheLadders began with a simple mission: Create a community that helps job seekers and employers connect to fill $100K+ jobs. Since then, the company has expanded to provide reliable tools, services and insights to help all professionals, at all stages of their careers succeed.

TheLadders is now used by more than 8 million professionals and 95,000 employers nationwide, with a growing suite of best in class products:

  • Find a New Job: TheLadders wants to save you time and take the anxiety out of your search. We use our deep analytics to only show relevant jobs, interested recruiters, and the insights you need to understand where you fit into the job market.


  • Improve Your Career: TheLadders wants you to take control of your career. We provide in-depth, user-generated data points to help you get what you want – whether it’s a raise at your current job, or just a better understanding of where you stand in the job market and what your next move should be.


  • Find Great Talent (100% Free Recruitment Resource): TheLadders is a free resource that delivers only the most qualified, relevant candidates to hiring professionals, so you can close your time-to-hire.

Now, where should I begin? I started at my job over 10 years ago as a senior in high school. My parents were tired of trying to teach me the value of a dollar so they decided to show me. I was optimistic about life back then, thinking that I’d graduate both high school and college and be well on my way to the working world. As we all know, life had other plans and I got a bit very stuck. Everything happens for a reason though, right? Hopefully. Being there for so long has taught me many lessons. Some I wasn’t quite ready to accept and some I know all too well. So, without further ado, What I’ve Learned from My First Job.

  • YOUR CO-WORKERS WILL BECOME A SECOND FAMILY: You love them, you hate them. You laugh together, cry together. Let’s face it, you’re at work (usually) 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You see your co-workers more than you see your best friend. You talk about what’s going on in your life, discuss last night’s television viewing, complain about the boss. They’re a big part of your day to day life. They also are the only people who truly understand what goes on at work. Trying to explain Suzie from Accounting’s heinous haircut to your friends/boyfriend/mom will never get the same reaction as it will when you’re discussing it with your best work friend. Like cousins or siblings they always have your back against “the adults”. Who else is going to warn you when el jefe is on a rampage? 54832a9f56382_-_gclph8d
  • YOU WILL DO GREAT THINGS THAT WILL NOT GET ACKNOWLEDGED: If your boss is like mine, they just want the job done. They don’t care who does it or how it gets done – JUST DO IT. They also probably will not acknowledge the hard work that you put into the project. It doesn’t matter that you stayed an extra hour to make sure those flash drives were filled because the person who should have sat with you for five minutes so you could have handed the project over refused to even ask you what you were doing. Just me? Moving on. The job got done and the boss didn’t scream. Consider it a win.
  • PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOUR IDEAS: Or at least ride on your wave of creativity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put up a bulletin board, have it come down and a few months later it will be right back up there because the person who was supposed to think of something to put up, just didn’t. Usually, (in my experience at least) you will have executed your idea better. Take solace in the fact that the leech has no idea what to do with your work so it will never be as good as yours.
  • THERE ARE THINGS YOU WILL NEVER FIGURE OUT: Like, why certain things are left for only you to do. Or why your boss refuses to offer you a full time position. Or why your work ethic always seems to be the only one in the room. I haven’t figured out how to really deal with these things yet. Sucking my teeth, rolling my eyes, and shaking my head helps a little bit. Nitrous oxide would help a bit more.
  • THERE WILL BE GOOD DAYS: I know I made it seem like working sucks, because it generally does. However, there will be days where it sucks a little less. Those days are usually known as  “payday”. Seriously though, if you have a good group of people around you and can block out most of the annoyances, you should be set.

What have learned from your first (or any) job?



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