DIYDS: how to wrap a coffee mug

I’m not the most crafty person in the world nor am I the most patient. Especially when I know how I want something to look and when it doesn’t come out that way, I usually just throw my hands up and find a spot for my unfinished project to collect dust. Go hard or go home, amirite?

There are times, however where things just come together nicely and, frankly go my way. Like that time I shared my instawall project. Which, by the way, I still love and wish I had my own place and could cover every wall with it.

Then there are the times when I have no choice but to power through and just get it done. This is one of those times. Ever since starting this blog, I am more apt to look to other people’s blogs for ideas, how to’s, and personal experiences (esp. when I’m planning a trip) when Googling. I want people to come here for the same reason, not just for my incessant ramblings about plus size shopping, being single and Harry Styles. But by all means, come for those things too!

Anyway, I’m here today to share a how-to. I love a good how-to, or as I like to call them, Do It Ya Damn Self (DIYDS – because if you want it done right…). This is a fun one and suuuuper useful. Ladies and gents, I now present:


You’re probably thinking “Martina, you don’t gift wrap coffee mugs, silly” or even “a gift bag and some tissue paper works.” And in both cases, I’d scoff and say “taking the easy way out, are we?”

giphy (13)

Step One: have a boss who is anal – super anal. But one that also doesn’t want/ know how to do these things for themselves. Or one who is kind of obsessed with finding things for you to do for them instead of letting you help your other co-workers. (too specific? probably.)

Ok, so your super anal boss has called you into their office and tells you that they need you to wrap some end of year gifts for the upcoming staff meeting (graduation is in May, so things are winding down). Three sweatshirts and three blankets. No problem, easy peasy.

Step Two: have an inkling that something else is coming down the pike. You’re almost finished with the blankets and sweatshirts and they’re getting that look in their eye.

You know the one – it looks like they’re going to ask you to do something you’re going want to say no to but they’re the boss and know you won’t say no to them. step 2.5 is not smacking the look right off their face because you have an online shopping “issue” and need the stupid paycheck.

Step Three: let SAB (super anal boss) know that you’re done with the blankets and sweatshirts. Also, be patient when they ask you more than twice which one is for the male recipient and which is for the female recipients. (floral paper for the girls, bright green for the boy. i mean, really?)

giphy (14)

Step Four: Wipe look of disgust off your face when SAB asks if you could wrap these eight(!) mugs. Mention that last year you used tissue paper to wrap them (because it’s quick and easy.) Make sure eyes don’t roll when they say “oh, I don’t have tissue paper, just use the wrapping paper”.

Step Five: Take a selfie showing said disgust.


With any luck, your boss will leave the office for a few, so you can take advantage of their absence and your hot pink lipstick and snap a sanity saving selfie.

Step Six: Be overly cheery when SAB comes back and asks if you’re doing OK. “Yep! Great!” *dies a little inside*

Step Seven: Figure out how to actually wrap a coffee mug. Personally, I put it on its side, rolled the paper around it, taped it down, and then somehow folded the top and bottom and taped that down too.


Step 8: Give SAB options by wrapping one in paper and one with just ribbons. Pray that they’ll say the ribbon one is fine, but know deep down that they won’t.


Step Eight: Resign yourself to the fact that you will be spending all morning wrapping mugs. FOR. THE. LOVE. OF. GOD.

Step Nine: Try (again, for the 603682686th time) to not claw SAB’s eyes out when they look at your finished products and ask they there be more “curly things” on the “flat side” of the mug. WHAT EVEN IS THE FLAT SIDE OF A MUG? THE TOP? WHERE THE PAPER IS CAVING IN? THE SIDE? WHEEEEEREEEEE?

Step Ten: Finish (finally!). Try not to laugh when SAB tells you they look really good.


Even Stevie Wonder knows they look like garbage but, thanks!

And there you have it – how to wrap a coffee mug in just 10 easy steps! I hope this helps!


paying my civic dues

I have a running joke with my mom that I am a poor representation of an adult. I mean, I have a job (or two), I have credit cards that I pay the bills on once a month, I watch the news fairly regularly, I had to Google what ICYMI meant the other day, I can drive and I don’t have a curfew. Other than that, basically, I’m a child. I don’t do my own laundry (thanks, Mom!), I’m not in any kind of relationship, I’m not 100% happy in either of my jobs (which probably falls into the adult category), and (among other things) still (kind of) expect my mom to call and make any and all appointments for me. However, in the eyes of the City of New York, I am a full, bonafide adult which they reward by summoning me to JURY DUTY.


So, without much of a choice, I pulled up my big girl pants, and on my day off I trudged off to pay my civic dues.

Did I mention it started to pour as soon as I got off the bus? And that I had no umbrella? Yea. So, there’s that.

Anyway, as we all know, jury duty is a lot of sitting and waiting. And if you’re me, reading and avoiding eye contact. Basically, I had lots of thoughts and lots of time to think them. And lucky for you, I wrote a number of them down on a receipt that I had floating around in my bag! (I filled in a good number of them because no reciept that would be found in a bag of mine is this long.)

ugh. jury duty on my day off? come on!

should i bring my charger? they keep stressing the NO PHONES policy.

who am i kidding?

*decides not to bring charger*

hey! doesn’t [7th grade crush] work in the courts?

*checks facebook*

he sure does! yes!

*sets alarm 20 minutes earlier to pull myself together, you know, just in case*

are you going to jury duty or da cluuub? cool it with the smokey eye!

eh, whatever. *adds more eyeshadow* *blends furiously*


*bus arrives at stop, gets off bus*

oh, wonderful. IT’S POURING.

of course, i’m summoned to the courthouse that’s furthest away from civilization

i hope [7th-grade crush] goes for the “wet rat” look

my mascara is definitely halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge by now.. run for your life!

*goes through security, finds jury room*

why does this lady keep talking about getting called into a courtroom? is this definite? please God, not another day of this.

how did this chick get wi-fi? did i miss a sign? i wonder if she’ll give me the password

should i ask? umm.. i’ll stick to reading my book, thanks.

maybe i should have brought my charger

i should have packed a backpack with activities. because i’m a mature adult. 

(almost) 30 going on 3. my parents must be so proud

oh, you’re allowed food in here? i wish i had known that before i  turned into a boa constrictor and unhinged my jaw to scoff down that bagel this morning while i waited to get into the courthouse.

if i lie down, will these people judge me? do i really care?

*gets excused for lunch*

shake shack – here i come!

*hoofs it to shake shack*


*anxiety about coming back late sinks in*

maybe next time, shake shack

ok, burger king it is!

oh! there’s a starbucks right across the street! unicorn frappe anybody?

no, martina. no unicorn frappes.

*5 sips in to my not too basic vanilla bean frappe* meh. over it *tosses the rest in the trash on the way back into the courthouse*

ok, [7th grade crush], last shot.

seriously, if i lay down right here, is that so bad?

please let this be over soon.

oh, they’re calling names please not me. PLEASE NOT ME.

woof. dodged that bullet.

it’s 3:30, they’ve called 15 people. this is the home stretch

maybe if i put one leg up on the seat, and then the other, and slide down a bit…

nope, not comfortable.

i don’t know how much more i can take


the lost art of being romantic

If there’s one thing I love in this world it’s a good romantic comedy. I like to pretend that I’m the plucky, scattered yet endearing heroine who can totally handle her own stuff, but will also willingly let Prince Charming swoop in and save the day. I also like imagine what it would be like if I were actually able to live in apartments like Meg Ryan’s in You’ve Got Mail or Mr. Bedford’s in Miracle on 34th Street (1994 version, of course. not 100% rom-com but dat apartment doh).

Lately, the subject of hopeless romance/romantics has come up in my daily life and I thought “Finally! Something I have an opinion on!” I don’t date much (so I use opinion v. loosely) – not by my choice, tbh, but I do daydream a ton and consider myself pretty well versed on chick lit and rom-coms, both by Hollywood and Hallmark so be confident that you’re in good hands here.

Men always say how hard women are. “You’re impossible to understand!” they cry. Well, boys, you’re in luck! Auntie Martina is here to clear up a few things. Get a notepad and write this down. Or bookmark this page. Screenshot it, maybe. Whatever you kids are doing these days. Just get ready.



Women talk – a lot. And, yea, some of it is nonsense about how Diane in payroll gave her the stink eye all day today (bitch.) or how she found out how many calories are actually in her daily Double Trouble Mocha Choca Latta frappuccino and how she literally died when she found out but she can’t just can’t quit them. She’ll fill you in on how her 1st-grade bestie’s cousin’s neighbor got engaged this weekend in a hot air balloon (which she’ll pretend to be unimpressed by, but really, she would kill for the same thing) She’ll also tell you how she loves daisies and the color green and her favorite comfort food. One thing’s for sure, she’ll definitely let you know how she’s feeling so, when you see she’s a little off, buy her a bouquet of daisies, wrap them in a green ribbon, order the chicken parm and pop in her favorite movie – because she’s definitely mentioned it  – and look at you! Day = made.

Don’t be a dick


How come the biggest gripe of single people (myself included) is “There’s just no one out there!”? HOW IS THERE NO ONE OUT THERE? There are dating sites/apps, singles cruises, matchmakers, singles mixers, etc. that prove otherwise. I just had this conversation with a few different people and my question is this – ALL (like, every single one) of the single people in the world (or, in your neighborhood, city, state, country, whatever) are ALL garbage people? Like, not just the “oh, they weren’t my type” or “it just didn’t work out” ones. I mean the ghosting, the talking to no less than 5065 people at the same time, or the really heinous – ones who already have a girl(boy)friend/wife or husband/ family. I think the problem is that there’s too much of an interest in being not interested or not interested enough. It’s way too easy to swipe right and then never message the person or to message them a few times and then drop them or even to go so far as to go on a date and then *poof* #byefelicia and never to be seen or heard from again. Not cool, bros. So, basically, don’t do this. If you’re interested, see it through. It’s ok if there’s no spark in the long run, but take the time to find that out. If you’re not interested, don’t pretend like you are.

OK? Good.

Now we know that listening and being a decent person is key. Now it’s time to act. Romance comes in all sizes. You can have huge, sweeping acts of it that takes everyone’s breath away. And by everyone, I mean all of Facebook and Instagram because you know grand gestures will be ‘booked and ‘grammed from here until kingdom come. Not one for sweeping gestures? Not a good listener? I got you. Here’s a list – a cheat sheet if you will – of things that you can do to make her think she’s the Meg Ryan to your Tom Hanks. The Kate Hudson to your Matthew McConnaghey.

  • text her every morning – a quick one is fine. just let her know you’re thinking of her. want to blow her socks off? check in during the day too.
  • hate to dance? do it anyway. even if you look like a fool. even if it’s only one slow dance at some random wedding. it will be the best 2.5-3.5 minutes of her night.
  • tell her she’s pretty – even when she kind of isn’t. like when she slept late and couldn’t wash her hair that morning and it’s looking ratty. bonus points: when she’s sick and is surrounded by tissues. bonus bonus points: when sick means to her stomach, tell her as you hold her hair back.
  • flirt with her – again, a quick text goes a long way. witty banter. be THAT couple.
  • don’t roll your eyes when One Direction comes on. TURN THAT SHIT UP AND SING ALONG. (feel free to replace 1D with whatever artist she likes and you don’t)
  • hold her hand. SIMPLE.
  • buy her flowers. i know i mentioned that before, but you don’t have to wait until she has a bad day. any day is a good day for flowers. bonus points: pick a random day and send them to her at work *swoon*.
  • i know we’re talking about dating here so this may be kind of weird, but eventually, this may come up – tell her how amazing she is after she gives birth. she just birthed a tiny human. YOUR tiny human. you better believe she is the most amazing, beautiful, fierce, bad ass person in the world at that very moment. TELL HER. she may just be drugged and/or tired enough to not fight you on it and just believe you.
  • know how she likes her coffee –  v. important.
  • keep up with the kardashians – ok, that may be taking it too far, but if she’s into reality TV,  don’t give her shit about it and know the players at least.
  • open her car door. then wait to see if she passes “The Mario Test” (what movie?)
  • make her laugh. for the love of God – this is important. the great American philosopher, Marilyn Monroe, supposedly once said “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” which, now that i’ve read it again, I’m not sure I’m in love with the quote, but I agree with the idea of keeping each other laughing and having a sense of humor.
  • kiss her on the forehead. *shrugs* it’s cute
  • listen
  • don’t be a dick

Could I go on for days? Yep, sure. Are there more important things I should mention like, support her in achieving her goals, or having nothing but resepect for her. Am I setting feminism back a bit with this post? Maybe, but sometimes it’s nice to be the plucky, scattered heroine and feel like romance isn’t dead in a ditch somewhere. It’s nice to feel woo-ed. I know that feeling comes differently for everyone and what works on me might not work on you. Like I said in the beginning, what I like about romantic comedies is that the woman can usually handle her own stuff. It’s just nice to be given an extra thought to/about.  Let’s not forget also – love is a two-way street so just flip it and reverse it, ladies!

What did I miss? What would make you swoon? Have I totally missed the mark?


i’m back! and whinier than ever!

I told you I wouldn’t be back right away. I didn’t think it would take this long for me to actually sit and write something to post, yet here we are a mere month later.

giphy (6)

I’m going to be real with you. I’ve thought about writing and posting pretty much every single day. And every day something would “come up”. I’m stuck at work. I have nothing to say. I’m tired. and on, and on, and on… 

I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I’m hoping that by getting this posted, I can break away from whatever is bothering me. I’m in one of those stages where I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong. There has to be something wrong since I have had absolutely no desire, past doing it in my head, to do what I truly enjoy.  blogging and taking pictures, in case you weren’t sure. I feel lazy, unsure, not funny, just all around ill-equipped to be here, running this blog. It’s a funky funk. I think. I hope. I feel fragile but for absolutely no reason. Maybe it’s not fragility, maybe it’s more vulnerability. Either way, it’s not something I’m used to and I don’t like it. Is this normal? Do you feel like this too sometimes?

I’ve been waiting/looking for inspiration. I keep up with my favorite bloggers, hoping that something will turn the light on in my brain. Nothing. Don’t get me wrong. I think you guys are great. AMAZING. But your stories are your stories. I can’t pull inspiration from things that I can’t relate to/never experienced.

I’m hesitant to write this because I feel like every few months (weeks, if i’m being honest) I’m here complaining about my life. My job(s), my (lack of) romance, my weight/clothes shopping, what have you. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the constant whining.

wahhhhhh i don’t wanna work weekends.  wahhhhhh #foreveralone. wahhhhhh shopping sucks.

That’s how it sounds in my head, at least.

The fact of the matter is, if everybody’s workin’ for the weekend, then you got it covered so I’ll just stay home. I just want a regular job. 9am-5pm (or 7-3 or 8-4, whatever), with my own desk, computer with internet access (you would think this is standard; it’s 2017. you would think.) Maybe one that showcases my skills. Definitely one that affords me to do basic things (like take a day off and not worry about finding coverage or not getting paid for the day).

I paid for a month of OKCupid. It’s not going well. To be fair, I guess you get what you put in and I’m not making much of an effort, but I digress. I’m getting a handful more messages/likes than usual but nothing that would have me think “why didn’t I do this sooner?” Have I put myself out there in other ways? No, but can we just not go there?


I don’t know what to say about shopping. When it’s good, it’s OK and when it’s bad, it sucks big elephant dick. (remember when i said i thought cursing was becoming too free and easy? let’s all have a laugh at my hypocrisy)

I’m also really tired (like, really tired. exhausted even) of the absolute fuckery that’s going on in the White House/government lately. On the news, they were reporting about the nerve gas attack in Syria. The Commander in Tweet released a statement blaming President Obama and his administration for it (wut?) and then basically told the Syrian dictator to carry on. NBD. NERVE GAS. As in a chemical that is banned by the civilized world. GTFO.


It also doesn’t help that my father is obsessed with, as he calls him, the Trumpster, so it’s all news all the time in my house. And by obsessed, I mean in a good way, like, how do we get rid of him? Here, sign this petition.

As if it needs to be said at this point, but everything has been annoying me lately. Like, a lot more than usual. Things that shouldn’t get under my skin are getting under there and setting up camp. Everything has been making me suck my teeth and roll my eyes. I’m (almost) 30, not 13. WHAT IS GOING ON? But then again, some eye rolls are warranted. Like when my boss yesterday went to pick up her phone to make a phone call, thought better of it, and then asked me to make the call instead. Or, like when she called me from her desk with a functioning computer on it, to ask if I could email a student about an event that we were having last night. seriously?

Life isn’t all bad though. Harry Styles is releasing his first solo single on Friday and will be on SNL the following week. I can’t wait to hear that raspy voice and get lost in those sparkling emerald eyes of his.



I jumped on the bandwagon and updated the name on my blog’s Facebook page. If you’re thinking of changing yours, DO IT. I haven’t seen a huge jump in views, but there’s definitely more traffic to the page, which hopefully, will lead to traffic to the blog.

Am I being dramatic? Yea, probably.


Eventually, inspiration will hit and I’ll be back, better than ever. Like I never left.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for putting up with me. I’m a real handful. A gem.

On a quick sidenote – what’s everyone watching? I am really loving Feud: Bette and Joan. They were some #badbitches. You can’t go wrong with Ryan Murphy.

desert island essentials

What seems like forever ago (it’s been two weeks), I saw this sort of desert island survival needs post from Steph and I thought that it was different and I should try to narrow my picks down to one. Maybe two. You know what, let’s just see where this goes. I think it goes without saying the main thing I’d need is a way off the island. I hate most social interaction just as much as the next guy, but eventually, I’d need to shower and not have to worry about a monsoon wiping my little hut right off the island. i’m really not made for this, huh?

sidenote: since they’re asking what movie/tv i’d choose, i’m going to assume there’s a small hut with electricity (and plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration.)

Food – don’t do this to me straight out of the gate. how can I choose between bagels, greasy Chinese and my mom’s eggplant parmigiana? Also, grilled chicken caesar pizza, regular pizza, fries, restaurant specific delicacies? Now I’m stressed. And hungry.

giphy (3)

Snack – cheese and crackers? grapes? watermelon? cereal? i’ve thought about this answer for about 10 minutes. whyyyy?

Drink – Diet Coke with ice and lemon, hands down. but also, lemonade, iced tea, and iced coffee.

Clothes – it’s a desert island, does it really matter? i’ll go with shorts, tee shirts, and unlimited underwear because i have a thing about underwear.

Accessory – sunglasses

giphy (4)

Beauty product – moisturizer, assuming there’s some sort of plant i could easily make into soap.

Luxury item – a bed with a mosquito net.

Books – i’ll just bring my kindle and internet/amazon access.

Music –  spotify, please. although, i could never go wrong with boy bands, 90’s/early 2000’s music.

TV Series – HULU. I need them all. (if someone could get my 90’s only streaming service off the ground, i’d take that too)

Movie – NETFLIX. I can’t choose just one.

Binge Watcher

So, what would you bring/want waiting for you?

Let’s discuss!


britney never after

It’s late and I have to go to bed, but not before I get this off my chest.

Lifetime – what the hell, man?

I’ll accept the travesty that was Beaches. And that one cut me to the core. But this Britney Ever After trainwreck? ABSOLUTELY NOT.


I don’t know who’s running the show over there but I think their position needs to be re-evaluated.

Britney Jean Spears is an icon. AN ICON I TELL YOU!

Has she fallen from grace a bit? Sure. I’m not as big of a fan as I was back in the day. Does that change the fact that she WAS pop culture from 1998-2003? Nope. I stop it at 2003 because, in my opinion, that was her prime time. After that, Kevin showed up and she faltered, then we all know what 2007 brought. So I’m sticking with 2003.

One sign that you should have paid attention to that this movie should not have been made, or at least shelved until the right time, was that you obviously didn’t have the rights to any of her music. Considering she’s a singer, this would have helped. Ok, so you “worked around” that issue. Surely since you don’t have to worry about the music, you’ll ace the costumes, right?

louie nope.gif

She kissed Madonna wearing white lace lingerie with white lace gloves and pearl necklaces. Not some satin tube top number. UGHHHH. Also, the denim outfit was a dress, not a jumpsuit. COME ON. EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS.

Speaking of Justin (sort of), what the hell were they thinking? A dance-off to end the relationship? Not likely. Does Lifetime not realize how important this relationship was to millennials? They still love each other, they’ll come to their senses one day. sorry, jessica biel.


I don’t buy her texting Kevin for a divorce, but given the storm that was coming, I wouldn’t put it past her.

Britney was Queen of the VMAs, hands down. By all means, Lifetime pay this fact no attention. Dark performances, that pesky music issue, THE COSTUMES (sorry, i can’t get over this.)

They didn’t even mention Crossroads, not that I was fully listening.

If Britney doesn’t sue, Felicia surely should.

All of this being said, I truly feel bad for the actress that plays Britney. I don’t know why I just do. It’s her first big role and it’s getting trashed on Twitter. I’d be devastated. Hopefully, she’ll land herself a CBS sitcom.

I have to go to bed now. My childhood is hurting.

Did you watch? What did you think?


2017, are you listening?

It’s Friday, so here are five things.

What better time than just past the middle of February to make a list of things I’d like to see in 2017? These aren’t resolutions, so it’s fine. Right?

2017 – I’m going to need a few things. You listening?

A new “We Didn’t Start the Fire” – I  was watching Billy Joel’s WDSTF video and thinking back to when I heard it live at Madison Square Garden. It’s one of my favorites from Bill. With all that’s going on these days and all that’s gone on since the original came out, I think it’s time for BJ to update and re-record this classic.

giphy (5)

A streaming service dedicated to 90’s television- ONLY 90’s television. And movies, maybe. I live in a state of nostalgia and love when I catch a good Designing Women marathon. I would readily pay my $8.99 a month to have every 90’s gem at my fingertips. No matter how obscure. the encyclopedia of 90’s sitcoms i have in my head is ridiculous. try me. I recently found out that the Hallmark Channel plays “The Father Dowling Mysteries” on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Praise be. I need a little more of that on my life. I’d even pay a little more if they threw in some commercials to the mix. WHO CAN I TALK TO ABOUT GETTING THIS OFF THE GROUND? Kickstarter?

A spinoff of The Gilmore Girls featuring only Paris Geller- Come on. We all know she was the best part of that revival (minus Jess, of course) and quite possibly the entire series. Liza Weil is being wasted on How to Get Away with Murder as Bonnie. I keep hoping she’ll snap and transform into Paris. Then I feel bad for typecasting and I power through. From what we saw in the revival, Paris has more than enough going on to make a series out of. She’s divorced, so she could navigate the dating scene or try to get back with Doyle. Will she ever be able to keep a nanny? How is she as a mom? Will she ever use the upstairs of her home? Maybe she’ll just move out of the house, hilarity and snarkiness ensues. The possibilities are endless! The spinoff would also need a little bit of Emily, the Queen of Hartford. And maybe Rory, but only if she brings Jess. Otherwise, no thanks.


Get rid of shipping fees- I may have mentioned this here before but it bears repeating. I HATE shipping fees. And return fees. And taxes. Anyway, I just got an order in that I paid $15.99 in shipping fees for. Turns out that some items have to go back and they want to take $7.50 off my return as a return fee.


Yea so, I would like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I never asked to be a part of. Why am I paying for you to take back things that I’ve tried on once? Isn’t it bad enough that the item doesn’t fit or just doesn’t look right?

a better way to online date – listen, online dating is what it is. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. I re-signed up for Bumble a few weeks ago and was immediately reminded of why I stopped using it in the first place. Bumble is known for having the cream of the crop men. They’re smart, good looking and have good jobs. Great. Perfect. So you swipe, swipe, swipe hoping for a BOOM. And if you’re me, the BOOM never comes. Sometimes I’ll swipe left (to reject) on someone who seems great but I know will also swipe left when my profile pops up. Why? Well, partly because my profile wasn’t filled out until recently and two, and I don’t know how to say this without word vomiting it out – most men don’t give me my body type a second look. there, i said it. And that’s cool; to each their own. I mean, I too base my swipes on the picture more than the profile sometimes (it’s natural) so maybe I should just take a seat. I just feel like there’s got to be a better way. Out of the maybe 5 BOOMs I made, two wrote back. Of those two, one just wrote back to tell me how much he hated the app. um. ok. I tried to steer the conversation in another direction – ANY other direction- and he wouldn’t bite so I gave up. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m just lonely. Maybe I’m too single. I don’t know. Short of having a dating website/app that prohibits pictures, there’s got to be a better way. Unless that way is putting on pants and leaving the house. hard NO. (i kid, i kid) Sidenote: for my fellow Bumblers – have you found “celebrities” on there? I saw the founder of Tumblr and Vinny from Jersey Shore (totes swiped right on him, tbh. no BOOM though.)


Woo.. that went on longer than expected.

Got it, 2017? Let’s make this happen.

What would you like to see in 2017? Let’s discuss!


thank you for being a(n internet) friend!

If you’re reading this as soon as I get it posted, then I’m sorry for being kind of late. If it’s tomorrow morning or later already, then where were you?

I noticed on Twitter that today is Internet Friends Day. So, I’m here to celebrate you! Quite frankly, I would have given up this space a long time ago if it weren’t for the people who read, comment, share, like my posts. Well, those who do that and who I don’t know in real life. Hence, internet friends.

Thank you for liking my tweets, following my Facebook/Bloglovin’ and double tapping on my Instas. Thank you for allowing me to do the same. I could be a real creep sometimes. Thank you for not making me feel like a dork when I leave a comment.

I’m what they call a “perfect blogger”. I post regularly, I have fun, thought-provoking, well-written content. I share that content on all forms of social media. I always know what to say and how to say it. I don’t harp too much on a certain topic, I don’t overuse gifs or commas. AND I’M NOT SARCASTIC. AT.ALL. Perfection is something that one must work on so if I had to pick one thing that I could work on, it would be commenting on other people’s posts. What (I think) I’m trying to say is, if I comment on your posts fairly regularly, you’re in my blog tribe. My blog besties, if you will.

This is where I’d insert pictures of us doing fun things together if I had any. But I don’t so I’ll just leave this here. And, if you’re so inclined and want to photoshop me into a picture with you (or vice versa), send it to me and I’ll add it here later.I’d do it but I’m lazy and not that talented.


Anyway, here’s to all of you! Thank you for being a(n internet) friend!

i know this post makes sense in a “technical” way, but i also know what i said didn’t match what i wanted to say and it, to me, came out a little thrown together. i’m not going to stress over it because it’s late. even though i love you guys, there’s always next year.



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